• Gisèle Schembri

Your Best Life Begins With...

Not watching the news. Yep, seriously, I’m going there! Oh what a self-absorbed brat I must be to not give a damn about others’ suffering the world over! And about what’s going on around me for that matter, on this tiny island fraught with dirty politics, illegal immigration problems and rising rents, flecked with accidents on the congested roads and the occasional (or not so occasional) accidents at building sites that are now dotting the whole of the island.

I do care about my fellow human beings, really, I do. Which is exactly why I don’t watch the news or read the papers. If only just half of us did that, the world would already be a better place. Why? Not because you can’t pray for the people dead in a massacre on the other side of the world if you don't know it happened or think we live in fairyland and poverty-stricken areas and war zones don’t exist.

Rather, because the more people tune in to the news and think of what is actually happening, the more similar vibrations they are sending out to the Universe asking for more of the same. Yes, the news relates things that are in the world, it is not making up stories and these conditions and situations have manifested already. However that is no reason to fuel more of them by giving them attention. I can still choose to help the poor with prayer without checking exactly which mosque blew up lately. I still do contribute with donations to worthy causes without needing to add to the low frequency energy caused by dwelling on injustices.

Teenagers are known to gang up in cliques. And which group they belong to is mostly the result of similarities in the way they think, what they believe in and even their pastimes. Now imagine how big a group it is of people that dwell on the bad news presented daily, on each tv station, all around the world. It will give you an idea of what extent of the collective consciousness is sending out signals that are sadly attuned to tragedies, therefore unconsciously asking for more of them.

You might be laughing at this point if you have either never heard of or else do not believe in the Law of Attraction. However I will give you two small examples of why you actually DO believe in it and it works for you whether you care about it or not.

Have you ever mentioned someone and they magically turn up in your life within hours or a day, maybe a week at most? You’ve had no interaction with said person for ages and ages but the minute you mention them… ‘Speak of the devil!’, right?

Many people in my country always complain that it rains the day after they wash their car. Now what kind of a coincidence is that? You got it, dear, it’s the Law of Attraction in action. If you are continually stating that it rains the day after you wash your car, then so it will. The Universe is one big genie trying to catch up with all our requests.

That explains the why I don’t watch the news and also why my Facebook feed is full of only news from groups I care about. Anything you think about, be it consciously but especially unconsciously, serves to send out energetic pulses to your God/Universe, about what you want. It’s like praying all the time, so make your prayers count.


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