• Gisèle Schembri

World Wide Rally For Freedom - Malta

Saturday 24th July 2021 marked the day of the World Wide Rally For Freedom.

For the first time since the protests started happening around the world, Malta too saw not only hundreds, as the mainstream newspapers are quoting, but actually thousands of attendees.

The peaceful protest locally was a coming together of various Malta-based groups as well as individuals who have no affiliation but still want our country, together with the rest of the world, to leave everyone free to have a choice over whether or not to take the experimental covid vaccine which is still in clinical trials and NOT approved for general use.

Currently Malta restricts anyone not vaccinated from travelling unless they submit themselves to not only a PCR test in order to enter the country, but also to a fee of EUR1,400 for a fortnight stay in a hotel of the government’s choice upon entering, as ‘quarantine’. What authorities are failing to understand, is that ‘quarantine’ refers to the separation of sick people from the healthy in order to avoid the spread of a disease, and NEVER the compulsory detention of healthy people based on their medical choices.

In addition to discriminatory measures to enter and leave the country, Malta is currently forcing third country nationals to get their vaccine in order to have their VISA renewed. The government and health authorities are also pushing employers to put pressure on their employees to take the vaccine, which ironically does not stop the vaccinated from anyway getting infected by the Covid-19 virus, which has a recovery rate of around 99%.

The vibe at the rally, which happened in the Capital City of Valletta, was one of positivity and hope. Unlike some of the countries that had to contend with possible bad weather, Malta’s sun shone not just brightly but also scorching hot. This did not deter the crowd, which gathered at the Triton Fountain amid hugs and handshakes, and then walked around the city chanting for freedom and stopping to hear various speeches along the way.

Photos by Gisele Schembri, editing of pictures by Ricardo Schembri.


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