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Whilst Inside...

I am sitting at home nursing a sinus outbreak and therefore self-isolating for the benefit of myself and others, and have nothing much to do (erm… not really, the floor could use a wash and I have multiple loads of laundry to see to). But let’s put chores aside, which are always there for us to deal with, even on busier days, and think of positive things that we can do whilst in quarantine.

Everyone is going on about board games, continuing our children’s education online and an assortment of other possibilities to keeping children occupied. However the adults should have their ‘me time’ too doing things that interest them personally and some actually don’t have children to deal with anyways. So here is a list of things to do to keep positive. As per my article of last time, What We ‘Can’ Do, we should strive to eat healthy and drink a lot of water, in addition to removing stress and adding as many positive emotions as we can to our day. Whilst not going into the merits of how positive energy can keep us safe and healthy (though pardon me for not understanding how people will oppose the notion that positivity helps with health) I will list some indoor hobbies for the adults in the house.

Reading is being harped upon all over my social media feed (well maybe because I am on multiple book-lover groups but anyways) and I am sure many do have a pile of unread books that they never got around to. So if reading makes you happy, now is the time to binge-read!

Colouring probably lures a similar pack of humans as the reading does, ie those who prefer solitary activities. However I have found it a cool activity to share with my son too and he’s never as well-behaved as when we work together on one same drawing. So truly, this is one usually solitary activity you can even share with a loved one.

Baking and cooking are two time-consuming activities that we tend to push out of the way on a day-to-day, confining ourself to buying ready-made pastry and cooking simple meals for not having time. So if you ever dreamt of making your own dough or even homemade yogurt, now is the time!

Decluttering doesn’t sound like a treat but believe me, it can be! Going through your wardrobe or home and culling the unnecessary is therapeutic. Outer order contributes to inner calm as they say. In addition to this, look at it as a way to make things easier for when you resume with your hectic schedule.

Team Online Gameplay should sound like music to some ears. Though not one I would personally indulge in, this seems a sure way to keep gamers not only occupied but also in touch with like-minded individuals, making online playing a way to keep interacting with other people and keeping each other’s moral up.

Talking to your neighbours through the balconies. I was never one to chitchat about the weather and less so to to check on the neighbours. But we most of us do have at least one neighbour on the street that we know and talking to someone live rather than on a phone or through a screen, despite keeping our distance for health and safety reasons, is a way to keep our social barometer from going in the red.

It might also finally be time to unwind in that indulging bath with candles and bath bombs, the one you’ve put off for being ‘too busy’. Make it your Friday night date now that your lover might be confined away from you. Let’s call it a date with self, which is always a good thing to have.

Are you one of those people fascinated by photography or videography but never gave it a try? Maybe now is the right time to do it. Even inside the house, there are many ways you can practice this. Play with tableaux, work on your articulation and dress up for the camera instead of to go out.

Speaking of videos, YouTube is full of clips teaching anything from how to draw to guides to self-publishing your book. This might be the time for your inner Picasso to come to the fore or even your hidden Shakespearean sonnets.

Journalling might sound like a boring endeavour for many but it is amazing what putting thoughts down on paper can do. It makes you look at things in a more logical way once you untangle the jumble of thoughts that are ongoing in the brain. So do put your stream of consciousness down on paper, it might just be what you need to get you through this.

I am aware that extroverts are finding this harder than those of us who have always preferred to cosy up inside anyway most of the time, but there is always something new to try and whilst I did try to appeal to different groups of people with my post, I am sure there is an infinite number of more things to do if we only look them up. Stay safe, and let’s beat this crisis.


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