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What We 'Can' Do

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I usually write about my beliefs, about the Law of Attraction, energy in action and similar topics. I also write about happiness, self-love and self-care.

Now is not the time to dwell on who believes or not in energetic frequencies, a collective consciousness or spiritual things. It is time to put differences aside.

My post of today, not even published on a Friday this time, is my way of trying to help with what is going on all around the world, regardless of where we are or what our stance on this is. Whether the COVID-19 was developed in a lab, whether its mortality rate is higher or lower than that of the flu and whether or not this is a cleansing of mother nature or a means of population control, it still remains a situation that we are all facing. As a result, facing it together is the best and most powerful thing we can do.

I am no doctor, and I even heard multiple versions of whether masks and gloves help or hinder a person from being safe from possible infection. What I do know is, that the immune system thrives on practicing self-care and good emotions and whilst it is good to keep children at home and to cancel mass gatherings in order to safeguard as much of humanity as we can, it also helps to all of us individually try to up our own body defence mechanism to deal with this.

Yes of course it is possible to be the one unlucky person to have had contact with a carrier and now sit home or in the hospital fighting the virus off. This post will totally not go into any of my beliefs about attraction of energies because this is past what anyone believes and about helping each other.

So all I can do today, and any other day, whilst I sit this out till life returns to normality, is to share what I know to do my part in containing it.

This might start to sound like a Nutrition class but my first and foremost advice is: stock up on water rather than the toilet paper. Some countries are fortunate enough to have drinkable water in their taps but alas not everyone does. Please make packets of water a priority, up there with your toilet paper safety net!

Why water? Water cleanses and cleans our body. Not only are we mostly made up of water, but we should also constantly be regenerating our bodily fluids to keep our bodies not just properly hydrated but also detoxified as much as possible. Any illness thrives on a body that is missing its perfect state of health and water, water, water, is a way of keeping ourselves healthy and, for those who do believe in energy, in a good rather than stagnant vibrational state.

Eat healthy. Again, this is about what you put into your body. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat.’ Well in a way, that is accurate enough. Daily junk food is not providing our bodies with enough nutrients whilst also toying with our energetic frequencies but for the sceptical about this last, I am sure you anyway agree that junk food is called that for a reason? After all, eating healthy keeps illness away in general, because it helps the body function at its best and thrive on a good immune system as a result.

Just as we are what we eat, we also are what we think and what we feel. Negativity brings the immune system down and happiness makes it shoot up into healthy mode. Why do you think cancer patients are advised to watch films that make them laugh?

Our bodies are very receptive to our emotions, which is how stress makes us even physically sick. Still leaving aside personal thoughts relating to energy about this matter, I will explain it in very simple terms. What, apart from unhealthy, is stress? Stress is worry, overload, fear, and only ever negative. The mind controls the body but why exactly? What we think about, we usually invariably feel. I say usually because that is what meditation and ‘just being’ strive to change. But in laymen terms, what we think about, we dwell on, and to all our thoughts we add emotions, be they of fear or love, which are ultimately the two polar opposites and any other emotion can be classed as pertaining to one of these two.

Now when we worry, be it about things that have happened or hypothetically could (some people even worry about things that are very difficult to ever even happen!) our body feels our distress and goes into a fight or flight mode. In these cases, it shuts down anything but the essential processes in order to deal with what it feels is an ‘emergency’. Poor body, most of us make it feel it should be in emergency mode every day!

When instead we think about situations that will cause us to gravitate to them (more often known as day dreaming), this helps our body feel a calm, as opposed to the earlier scenario when it starts shouting for help, and will therefore feel that it can work at its best in pumping blood, processing food, and all other functions. The more smoothly our body works, the more it is able to deal with any ‘attacks’ from viruses or might not even let them in. Our body reacts to who we are, rather than being who we are.

I will leave this on my blog, even though it isn’t a Friday (let’s call it a bonus entry) and promise to come back next time with ideas for self-care that we can all easily practice, even Whilst Inside.

Meanwhile, here is a link to an article (not mine this time) about How Being Happy Makes You Healthier.

Image by Alexandra Koch.


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