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What is the Law Of Attraction?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A few weeks ago I started writing a series about Law of Attraction that was initially meant to be published on this blog. In time, the project morphed into something too long to publish on here as a set of blog posts and will instead eventually be released as an ebook and maybe even in paperback. However, since I had promised some of my readers that I would be writing about Law of Attraction on the blog, I will write a few short practical articles for my followers, in between other subjects and not every week, in order to cater for my diverse readership.

Today I will start by giving an umbrella description for What is the Law of Attraction? and will elaborate further about the subject in following articles.

The Law of Attraction is a consistent law of the Universe that is less often acknowledged than but actually more powerful and indisputable than the law of gravity. Law of Attraction dictates that everything draws to itself more of that which is like it. In other very simple words, Law of Attraction states that you will always without fail, draw to yourself, people, things and situations that are offering a similar vibrational energy to your own.

Few attribute the classic ‘stub your toe on the corner of the bed’ syndrome to LoA but actually what is happening is that humans will most often offer an emotional answer to anything that happens to them or which they come across and in so doing, they are sending out a frequency that demands more of ‘the same’. ‘The same’ in energy terms might not necessarily refer to a repetition of the same event but moreso to the fact that your subsequent minutes and hours shall be filled with more people, things and situations that will elicit from you more of the same emotions. So put simply, the way to change your day is to offer the emotion of what you wish to happen first, instead of waiting for it to happen first.

This leads to the premise that we may make our own destiny or live the exact life that we want, if only we take this whole thing seriously and actively design our days instead of accepting them for what they are should we not intentionally intervene with well-chosen emotions.

This leads us to the article we will explore next time, which will be about Energy and Emotions.


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