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Tiny House Aspiration

I’ve got ample ideas for new articles in mind. They also all of them require a certain dedication time-wise to complete. So since we are slowly coming to the end of another week and I have not yet prepared anything to upload on my blog, I will go with a simple one.

I totally and utterly failed in my ‘Buy Nothing’ experiment. Truth be told, I forgot all about it till a relative mentioned it, thinking it was the reason behind my new ‘buy no ice cream’ resolution. In reality, I have stopped buying ice cream because my new weighing scales have clearly shown that I’ve had too much of it! On the other hand, my bank account did get slimmer, from new purchases that were totally unnecessary.

There are two things to do when you fail. Give up, or try again. Giving up does sound easier I admit, but it also sees me accumulating stuff that I later look at and wonder what it’s doing in my life, seeing as my heart is always set on Minimalism anyway.

Giving up buying anything other than consumables and needs, however, is seeming pretty daunting from what I’ve seen of how I still gravitate to any and all pretty things. There is one thing that might help me and it’s something that I have often read about online or even tried in the past for myself. It’s actually used more in the decluttering process than to avoid new purchases, but it still likely will do the trick. This ‘trick’, is the famous ‘Act as though you are moving!’ suggestion. No one likes having a multitude of things to pack up and move when they are going to a new house. Add to this, in my case, I do know that a new home would most likely be smaller than my current one. I am not moving yet. Nor do I know where, when or how I will move. Yet someday I will, and I do not intend for ‘stuff’ to condition me in the size of my new place.

I quite love tiny living and actually prefer it over a more ‘society normal’ size. So the one way I envision actually convincing myself to leave pretty things in a shop (or in my online basket) rather than checked out, is to think to myself, ‘If I had limited space, would this come home with me?’

I rather think that this mindset might do the trick. It would also save me the hassle of having to declutter vast amounts of stuff I actually like when it does come time to move. Maybe after all, considering I have a vision of my pretty future home, this will help me choose it over a multitude of unnecessary ‘things’ because were I to choose, I’d take my tiny home any time.

Image by LidiaSt from Pixabay


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