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Three Years Since A Special Meeting - Being A Twin Flame!

This week marks three years since I met my twin flame. As I have said in another post before, not everyone believes in their existence, but those of us who have actually met our TF cannot but ‘know’ that they have. For meeting your twin flame is like nothing else you will ever feel in this world and whether twins go on to have a happily ever after, a tumultuous relationship that ends in tears else are only ever friends, the memory of the first time your soul jumps inside you through feeling the sheer magnetism and awe at the connection will never subside.

(A small aside: For those who don’t know what twin flames are, basically it refers to the reincarnation of the soul into two bodies during the same lifetime, one more predominantly masculine in energy, the other more feminine.)

These past three years have taught me a lot. I will not imagine that all that I went through was as a result of my twin flame relationship, nor will I say that my TF relationship was always rosy, in fact far from it!! However, if I may say so myself, I do believe that I have grown quite a lot as a person through the lessons I have learnt from all that my twin mirrored to me.

My biggest lesson of all was probably a lesson in jealousy and how at the end of it, it caused the biggest argument I ever had with my twin, that prompted me to run from our connection so that I ‘lost’ our friendship for some months. I was still learning back then just what it meant to be twins and that it was not about the romance but rather about an unwavering bond that would help us support each other’s ‘human’ through this lifetime.

That episode was certainly one of the saddest memories of my life and yet, it was also what shook me into looking inside myself and achieving the most growth. Through the months that we were barely in touch, I strove to become my best self and to use my lifetime to achieve the most spiritual and emotional growth possible. This time that I am mentioning happened partly before our two-year anniversary from meeting, when I wrote my second post about the journey, which you may find here: Twin Flames, My Journey Two Years On

So much more has happened since and thankfully my TF and I are, in my opinion, the best of friends since last November. So I celebrate the anniversary of our first meeting always with joy at the beauty that he has added to my life since we got to know each other. He has, through his presence and even his absences since that day three years ago, taught me so much. He has taught me personally by being there for me and with his advice, especially about never giving up. He also taught me unconsciously through the happiness he activated inside of me and the unconditional love I have experienced for him since early on, a love I had no idea how to quantify, a love that made me question its absurd loyalty, a love I have grown to know as actual true love.

Me with my twin flames tattoo:


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