• Gisèle Schembri

Think Happy

It’s the last day of the year and everyone is set to start the new decade with resolutions of all kinds, but which seem to be mostly geared towards personal growth from what I have seen.

Resolutions are tough to keep, aren’t they? I mean, if they weren’t we would all have incorporated them into our lives already without waiting for a new year. Well there is one thing I have started working on already throughout 2019 and maybe even as far back as 2018 which I will still be putting down as the one and only resolution for myself.

Be Happy. Or as a plaque in my home office suggests, ‘Think Happy’.

It is the easiest AND the toughest thing to do all at once in my opinion! For whilst our original default as humans is always set to a high vibration of happiness, we are engulfed into the world to forget all that we are and start experiencing a reality that is not solely our own but intertwined with that of those around us. And in so doing, we expose ourselves to other people’s perspectives, opinions, even outright control of our present and future, so that we need to relearn to listen to that inner voice that is very often hushed by parents and friends, teachers and society, so that it wears itself out and shuts up, leaving us to flow with what others want for us rather than what we believe to be true for ourselves.

No one, and I repeat no one, can know better than yourself what makes you happy, what will tickle your fancy, what will give you a rich life. And yet, few people know how to be happy in themselves and so turn outwards to try and ‘fix’ what is around them in an attempt to be happy. As a result, everyone is constantly trying to sculpt the other in the form THEY think is best.

Facebook has not only helped people remain in constant contact but also caused what seems to be almost a spamming of feel-good and advice memes. I have read so many times in my Facebook feed how you should never take offence for anything anyone says or whatever way they react to you, simply because that is a reflection of what they feel and think and not the reality of who you are.

So with that in mind, we should maybe all of us strive to put up what are necessary barriers. Which reminds me of another meme that clearly points out how only people who benefitted from your not having any barriers will object to them. And who on earth other than yourself deserves to be able to push into your personal space and dictate who you are and how you perceive yourself?! Only you should have that authority.

With that authority comes a power that I am glad to see many people are finding for themselves. The power of leaving your happiness in no one else’s hands, whatever it takes. So do cut ties with any people who are toxic to you, put up barriers not only with strangers but loved ones too, and cultivate in yourself a Happiness mentality that will always lead you to what is best, for YOU.

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