• Gisèle Schembri

The Real Current World Problem and Lightwork

If you thought COVID-19 was the real killer, this might make you change your mind.

We have lost something else in this ‘pandemic’, something more important than life itself. We have lost the ability to be our real authentic selves without getting attacked, silenced, put to sleep.

We have let, as a collective, the governments and so-called health authorities get rights over us, tell us what to do, where to go, who to be with.

They have teamed up with less than reputable giants who have personal interest in what goes on with the world and how they can benefit from it. Did you know that not even the so-called World Health Organization is really an organization at all but actually privately owned and with personal agendas?

So who to believe when you can’t believe the entities that should be keeping you safe? Where and who can people turn to when they have been made to live in fear of their life? How to even begin to get people out of their shells when they have been poked into them by the absolute powers that be of this materialistic, money-driven world?

At the risk of sounding ‘out there’ and even maybe pompous, I would say look to those who like me are well-meaning and actually have no financial gain from helping you and talking about things.

We are called ‘Lightworkers’ and there are many of us around, all over the world. Our ‘job’ is to help others, even for free, to spread love and the beauty of life and experience as well as helping people even with their problems.

However, many live in such fear that they have shut us out, unfollowing us or worse, commenting negatively on whatever we say and causing more spite or fear to rush through the people reading.

We have made ourselves enemies as well as friends, have faced brick walls and empty stares of people grappling with fear beyond what they can struggle with and overcome.

We can try to help others, only if they allow us to. There are people who come to me for advice because they know I will never have a personal agenda and I will always speak from the heart. In the same way, others have brushed me out of the way for feeling triggered by whatever I said.

Sadly, I can only help those who want to be helped and who are ready to listen. To listen does not mean to agree with me about everything, but to get the knowledge or ideas in order to evaluate them.

On the other hand, this message is to Lightworkers too. There might be many of us, but we are all of us human too. Maybe more spiritually-inclined, often more open minded and less shackled by religion and politics, yet still ourselves with our egos and minds.

Therefore I feel we sometimes do overstep the line. We do shun people who refuse help without seeing where they are coming from. We too at times take sides when our work is about inclusion and acceptance of all. We too sulk or think we are always right or not allow others to speak their mind. Nothing excuses people being rude to us, but let us be careful in how we word our own words, how we come across, and always take a peaceful inclusive approach in our ways. After all, Love can only win through showing love to all.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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