• Gisèle Schembri

The Mostly White Cat

Even before I moved into the new flat, I knew that once I did, I would get a cat. It was for a combination of reasons that included getting a pet for my son, the fact that I had read that cats help with anxiety and also, or maybe moreso, because given my newfound interest that is Witchcraft, it made stereotypical sense to get a cat!

Superstitious people don’t like black cats. However, despite my fascination with Witchcraft, I wouldn’t say I am superstitious. Then again, so many witches own black cats that how can there even be a superstition scaring believers off them? The point remains that I got it into my head that I would get a cat and that it would be black.

One day around four weeks after moving home, my son and I found a stray. She was an adult cat (I say it’s a she cause she looked girly to me, not that I know for sure) and had beautiful clean fur. She looked adorable enough to want to take home. Only setback was, she silently looked on making fools of us both as we called out to it to no avail, she wasn’t bothered coming to us to be petted. I therefore told my son it would be a bad idea to take her home and that we should get one that ‘chooses us too’.

The tantrum he threw that day was, (up to that point in time), pretty bad. Seeing as I had actually promised him a cat and that his upset was quite genuine, I decided not to take much longer to check about adopting one and right on cue, a cat sanctuary posted on Facebook a pic of a small kitten, almost totally black. I messaged to ask about it and it was agreed I would go have a look at it.

That day I stopped to buy litter and a litter tray as well as bowls for food and water and proceeded to make the long drive to get that kitty home.

As soon as I got to the sanctuary, I found the cats in an open garage behind a net and one curious kitten was trying very hard to get the best vantage point of the new arrival, aka Me!

I sent on Messenger to say that I was there but no one had answered my knock and was told the volunteer had just run off to a short errand. Soon back, she opened up, asked what I was looking for and led me to a cage where the tiny black-with-orange-flecks cat was sitting. Immediately, it hissed at me and I sadly repeated what I’d told my son; I wanted a cat that ‘chose me’.

Now the same curious cat that stretched her neck to check me out before I got in, came to me to be petted. Unable to take home the kitten I’d initially come to see, I said I’d look around for a friendly one that wanted to accompany me home and all through the hour or so that I was in that garage, that same beautiful mostly white cat barely left my side, asking for cuddles.

In the end, I took her home. She was around thirteen weeks old, shorthair, female, with orange spots strategically dotting her otherwise luscious white fur and an orange striped tail.

It’s true what they say about the Law of Attraction - always ask the Universe NOT for a specific something but rather, ‘for that or SOMETHING BETTER’! Just six weeks on, I can’t imagine home without Atleha in it!


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