• Gisèle Schembri

The Future depends on the Now and the Past does not matter.

As I sit down to write this, automatically my mind wanders to what my own past and future are full of and what they represent to me. A string of images appear as I flashback to a marital split, to a career in financial services, to the day I gave birth to my son. The future looks like questions, asking will I settle down with someone again, are there more children in my future, how will my new business look like ten years from now, and will I by then have achieved my dream home? However my now is still sitting at my desk, with all these thoughts whirling and not letting me be present in the NOW.

It is true that it is our past that has shaped who we are and even maybe conditioned, up to a point, our present. It is also true that through setting goals to achieve in our future, we are planning the path we should take, researching what we need on the journey there, and hopefully enjoying the ride.

However that is what I would like to discuss. How many of us actually enjoy every step of the way? I know that I have myself made the mistake in the past of always striving for a ‘better’ future than my NOW. It was always “I will feel better tomorrow; I’ll be richer tomorrow; I’ll settle down tomorrow; and then I will be ok.”

How about being ok right NOW? Sure, it is important to strive to better our life, to ensure to have a better future than the past. It is also quite sane to look back to the past to avoid making the same mistakes. Many people though tend to fall into the trap of working so hard to be able to face tomorrow that they totally forget about their present. Some are always lost inside their head and thoughts planning tomorrow; others physically work themselves to exhaustion in a bid to save for tomorrow.

The future depends on the NOW, of course it does. How else would it be the future of NOW? Therefore I quite understand the need to act in a way that shapes and controls the future. It is imperative though to understand, that both good and bad choices affect the future. In working so hard to get the future we desire, we might be ruining that very future for ourselves. I have heard time and again how certain people lived to the ripe old age of reaching their retirement, only to fall dead just days or months after that. All that toil takes its toll it seems. Others might have worked obsessively to give their children a better future than their parents had given them in the past. Only to find their children alienated in the course of years of barely seeing the parent due to this workaholic mindset.

So how about setting a new trend? One that defies our ancestors’ mindset and glues us firmly in the NOW? Whatever your past, it does not have to condition who you are now. And in that same way, there is no need to look to the future so intently that you forget your present. I mean, if you forget to eat NOW there will be no future, right? In the same way, if you are not going to nurture your NOW, you will always have a very poor future to look to. Especially because today’s future will be tomorrow’s NOW and unless you are going to enjoy where you are at at any given point in time, you are only setting a loop of always wishing what is still far from NOW.


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