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Ten Trivia Titbits About 'Amazonite'

I haven’t talked about my publications in a while but in truth my illustrator and I are working hard to bring Shadows to you early next year. Whilst it will be a stand-alone poetic story just as Amazonite was, it is also its sequel.

Whilst Shadows will bring with it more elaborate and technically advanced poetry, as well as tiny bits of prose, it will first and foremost be exploring a new theme and a harsh one at that! Therefore understandably, although it will have its own fans, I also believe that it will touch people in a totally different way to the way in which Amazonite does.

It has been my wish for a while to divulge more about the behind-the-scenes of Amazonite, as I could call it. However it never seemed the right time to sit down and write these titbits which I am sure are both interesting to people who have already read the book, as well as tantalising information for anyone who is still wanting to buy a copy.

I hope my paperback’s readers will enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

Ten Trivia Titbits regarding ‘Amazonite’

1- Although I started working on the idea of publishing Amazonite in 2019 and the book eventually came out in the beginning of March 2020, some of the poetry within it dates back to my Sixth Form and University days.

2 - In Amazonite, as well as its sequel Shadows, none of the characters are ever given a name!

3 - The section ‘Soulmate’ in Amazonite was inspired by an old love-interest called Brandon.

4 - My real twin flame returned to my life within a couple weeks of me writing ‘The Return’!

5 - ‘Us Two’, whilst making perfect sense as a poem, is based off a list of ‘code words’ that only my twin flame and I know the meaning of, which is why I called it that.

6 - It took me longer to manage to come up with an interesting ‘About the Author’ paragraph than to write any of the poems in the book.

7 - When asked on an author group to give a misleading if truthful sentence to describe the story, I said, “A woman falls in love with three men.”

8 - It was not my initial intention to publish Amazonite in story form. The book started taking on a life of its own and morphed when I started describing my idea to the illustrator.

9 - As a result of this, two poems from the original draft had to be removed for the story to make sense.

10 - Although there is no clear indication as to which of the three male characters is on the cover, I asked the illustrator to model him on the male character from the section ‘Twin Flame’, asking that he be made ‘Younger than the female, with a growing beard and sporting the jacket which he lends the protagonist in one of the poems.’

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