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Some Positive Points

Most of my blog posts are usually structured, planned, deal with a particular topic and often a heavy one. However this change in routine has me wanting to be more spontaneous in my writing as well as finally feeling happy to vlog, whereas before it used to seem a chore I try to get out of.

Therefore today’s is going to be a more general post. I will still be getting back to my Law of Attraction series, I will still blog and hopefully even vlog about Minimalism (been a while) and I will generally post healing posts be it with regards to relationships, moving on, or whatever else I feel called to share with my readers. However for now, I would rather be in the moment.

And so I will detail here some small positive points that have come up lately in my awareness and probably even in that of some readers. After all, despite social distance measures, quarantines and the general disruption of what used to be our ‘norm’, we are anyway all still living in the same world, with the same people (albeit now interacting mostly online) as before.

Which brings me to the first point - the Internet

Facebook and other social media platforms used to take up useless scrolling time, filling our minds with more information to process than is healthy. Instead can we now look at all the positive? Can we appreciate how it allows us to keep sharing our pictures, little funny moments, musings, and even general idea of what is going on, with those people we care about?

This extends to Messenger and other online messaging applications. I appreciate the small messages I have received from friends and family these past weeks. Even family members I disagree with on a day to day still wanted to check on me when they got to know I was ill at home alone. With everyone’s fears at record high, I appreciated their concern over my own stance that COVID-19 is over-rated and feeling sick for a couple weeks is not the end of the world. I loved how people who I only get to meet once in a blue moon were there to listen to my own worries and was over the moon to see people I love so much actually looking out for me. If being in pain for most of two weeks can bring about such loving texts and deep emotions from people, then it was well worth the pain and lethargy and the questions running through my head.

Another very positive thing that has come out of this world ‘shutdown’ period is people’s faith showing through. Those who have read my articles before now know that I practice and preach something very different to religion. So when I mention ‘Faith’, I mean it in a much broader sense than a hope in God. However this does not mean that I do not appreciate how I have seen people who do belong to a religion, turn to their God in Hope and hopefully even Faith (I describe the difference between these two here: Hope and Faith, Want and Will) to help them through this time.

Even with churches closed, people seem even more concerned with their faith and generally feeling positive through their beliefs and prayers. As I said, however, 'faith' is about more than religion and so I am really happy to see everyone finally waking up to question the previous day-to-day, what ‘norm’ should or shouldn’t be, and generally acting from the point of love more than fear, though it pains me to see also people in fight or flight mode, attacking others for disagreeing with their stance in this crisis or outright wishing harm on others who disagree.

A third thing I have seen happening, is people taking on and embracing new challenges like homeschooling and getting the hang of working from a home office, as well as also choosing how to fill their newly found free time. A friend asked how come many are talking about ‘free time’. My average commute time in the years that I worked as an employee and owned a car was of 7.5 hours a week and don’t get me started on the hours it took when I rode the bus instead! Even whilst working from home, it took me an average of 3 hours wasted on the road every day that it was my turn to take my son to school and pick him up again. That is a lot of hours stolen from our life for no reason other than the society’s ‘norm’. So yes, some people now have more free time. And with it came the challenge of facing that there is nothing stopping them now from the dreams they have and which they never got around to for ‘not having time’. They had to acknowledge that if anything kept them from making a start on those projects, it had been Fear and not Time that had done it. As a result, I have seen people (including myself) face fears to go ahead and try new things.

I have only touched on three points here and yet I am sure you agree with me that every single thing during our day is now taking on new meaning, causing us to face questions instead of rushing along like we used to before. If you tell me that nothing changed because you are still juggling your children and your job albeit now from home, then maybe you should pause and reflect on why that should stop you from appreciating every moment anyway instead of panic. Easier said than done, I know, but it is definitely food for thought.

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