• Gisèle Schembri

Right Place, Right Time

At least two major things, in addition to a whirlwind of others, happened this week.

I unfortunately had to take Tessa back, despite that I think she was a very friendly and sweet kitten for the right family. It seems my family wasn’t the right fit for her or vice versa. I won’t forget her, just like I never forgot little Cairo who was too small and sick for me to know how to care for and had also gone back to his experienced fosterer to be with his brother. I won’t forget feral Bianca either, who bit me within two hours of picking her up and had me on intravenous meds for an infection in my finger joint.

I also tried to adopt, last year, two ginger brothers, six months old. Alex and Tom were all over the place as well as sick and refusing to take their meds when I first got them. I tried for weeks to be patient and understanding, to try to blend them in with my other two cats. However seems it was not meant to be.

What’s more, a week or two before I had to return Alex and Tom to their now very happy home, I had to quit my job which was causing a strain on my health (the job not the resignation). Fast forward to now and just months later, I returned Tessa to her fosterer and lost my job within a week.

Yes, I am newly unemployed. Which I am taking to be a good thing. I might not be religious but I am spiritual and do have my own beliefs both about life on earth as well as the soul. I do know everything will be alright and that I am always in the right place and right time for the next step in my life, whatever that may be and wherever it might lead.

I woke up yesterday morning with a positive energy, a can-do attitude and feeling like the world is my oyster. (We can all make it ours, you just have to keep yourself in the high vibe and voila’ - whatever you desire will always, somehow, come.)

I went to work knowing who I am, what I stand for and ready to make the day work (excuse the pun!). I did not expect to be out of a job by the end of the day, but neither was I fearing that eventuality. For I knew without a doubt, that I am always at the right place and right time and that as long as I am true to myself I will always be ok.

I handed in my notice around lunchtime due to a work incident that is unacceptable and discriminatory and by the time I got home, thoughts were bombarding me from all sides about every single thing that would now change. What I hadn’t bargained on (though it was to be expected), was the sense of calm and happiness that would fall upon me at the thought of never having to work in that place again. Also of how now my days were mine again: I could catch up with all my errands without getting time anxiety and I could work on all the important projects that had slowly fallen on the wayside in the weeks I was working at this last job.

With or without a conventional job, I will be ok. More than ok. Even my writer’s block seems to have disappeared the second I stepped out of that suffocating place. Not everyone believes in energy but believe me it is there, all around us, affecting our every second, our every move, our every manifestation in life.

So I will leave this here and be off to start my day with a light step today as I don’t struggle any longer against time or worry about what crystals I ‘need’ to take with me to even just face my now past workplace.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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