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Projects For This New Year

Last time I spoke of my achievements for the year 2020 in the post As The Year Ends. However one of the tricks to living our best possible life is to always keep coming up with more opportunities, experiences and new situations to help ourselves keep growing and changing and, being very optimistic, making waves!

So with 2020 now done and dusted, I am making plans for new achievements for this year 2021. Here are a few of the items on my to-do list.

Following the publication of Amazonite in the first half of 2020, I started writing new and more technically mature poetry, which promises also to be even more gripping than anything I have written in the past. So for those of you that have enjoyed Amazonite, I promise that my next poetry book will be one you will want on your bookshelf! The plan is to publish this next instalment by the end of the year, however this will depend on many various factors as the making of a book is no joke and I would not want to hurry the writing rather than giving it my all as well as taking the editing and publishing process seriously and giving it the time that it needs. I am excited to announce that my illustrator from Amazonite - Neville Caruana - will also be designing the new book cover. The plan up to now is to also use the same printing house as that of Amazonite. These two decisions will ensure that the new book be a companion to Amazonite in looks. Whilst I do already have a title for the book (albeit a working title that might change if necessary), I have decided to keep that a secret for now.

Whilst my new poetry book will definitely be in paperback form, my other projects for this and next year will most likely come out in the form of ebooks. I have many books and ideas in the pipeline, but as with the poetry instalment, I would rather work slowly and surely than rush through anything. So the length of time till my new works get published will depend largely if not solely on whether I have also a full time employment going at the same time.

Nearing the end of last year, I decided to take up drawing again. After one short sitting of drawing with charcoal and chalk, I turned my attention to a favourite form of art - collage - and designed a couple of elaborate pieces. Given my attention span is short and my artistic sessions impulsive (to put it mildly!) I have decided to pursue art this year in any form that I find myself inclined to, rather than focusing solely on drawing as I had originally intended.

After starting The Cheshire Cat around the summer of last year, I now have a long and varied list of new stock coming to my online store in the coming weeks. With the shop finally turning a profit, I am giving it the love and attention that any new and promising venture deserves. So look out for a multitude of gorgeous and interesting items being added as new shipments arrives.

With Vintage Hues drawing close to its first birthday, I have decided to renew the Premium Plan with Wix.com to keep it going for at least another year, always under the address www.vintage-hues.com. Huge thanks goes to my website’s designer, without whom I would not have made head or tail of how to create this beautiful site.

The above is just a sneak peak of what I am planning for the coming year. So keep tuned for any new reveals as time goes on. Meanwhile, may your 2021 rock!

Image by iXimus from Pixabay


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