• Gisèle Schembri

Plan B? No way!

Many people have a Plan B. It is somehow considered a survival skill I guess. If you don’t succeed at something, then try something else. If you are unable to get your hands on something, then buy its substitute. If chicken’s not on the menu, you might want to try the fish.

You might be arguing that of course it is a good thing to have a Plan B! Things after all don’t always go as planned and a Plan B is better than no plan at all. However I am not saying that you should have ‘no plan at all’. Rather, I’m saying ‘Don’t have a Plan B.’

Why B? It is your secondary choice. The one you would very well give up if only you could get your Plan A to work. So truly, your B can never bring as much joy, freedom, or whatever else you are looking for, as your A. Your B will never be more than just ‘good enough’.

So how about having multiple Plan As instead? Alternate Plans that will do just as well and no less than your original one?

Sam Claflin once said that acting was his Plan B. After all, his primary dream was to become a professional football player. Circumstances (in this case a broken ankle) dictated that Plan A was not on the cards any more, however hard he wanted it to be. But honestly, I would never call his plan to pursue drama a Plan B, because he puts so much zest, energy, caring, gym hours and immersive research, into his roles that I am sure he is having a blast doing it. So I guess his was another Plan A after all?

Always have a plan. Or two, or a hundred. But always ensure to have all your Plan As at the ready. NEVER, and I mean NEVER settle for a Plan B, which is telling your mind outright that it is not what you wanted it to B.


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