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Photoshoot result

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Something I had always dreamt of doing was to pose for a photoshoot, or maybe even make it one of my freelance jobs to model for photo adverts. The only time in the past I got to pose for a photographer was my pre-wedding session back in 2005, the pictures of which now hold bitter-sweet memories as they belong to a past relationship.

So when I booked a photographer to take my portrait for the back cover of my upcoming book, Amazonite, and she suggested we do a photo session rather than take the one pic, I decided to go ahead and enjoy the experience even despite my shyness and anxiety.

When the day arrived, I found myself quite calm even about choosing my clothes and makeup, thanks to the Comely&Confident YOU method which I spoke about here: C&C YOU. However, my nerves still played up when the photographer, Muriel Caruana, turned up with her equipment, which made me realise the seriousness of the situation.

Therefore this is, in a way, not only an ‘I Love’ post to show my readers some of the pictures, but also in gratitude to Muriel for putting me at ease and taking some really cool pictures, giving me the chance to choose some quirky props and even taking some photos of myself with my precious cat Atleha, about which I had written an article here: The Mostly White Cat.

Muriel can be contacted through her Facebook page at the following link: Muriel Photography.


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