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New Job And A Positive Attitude

It’s yet another Friday, yet another weekend. This seeming lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that up to this week I was not technically working (I say technically because unpaid work such as errands and mummy duties connected to getting everything ready for school still require work).

Anyways, after over a year of not having employment, dealing with some personal stuff and even giving a new business of my own a go, the coming Monday I get back to a strict schedule, inflexible working hours and the general anxiety that comes with trying to catch up with everything around said job. I just signed an employment contract as a real estate agent with a leading Maltese brand.

It’s been lovely to wake up a bit late in the mornings (or very late I must admit most mornings!) and I still need to figure out how I am going to kick myself out of the bed early on Monday morning.

It was also interesting to see how my body clock prefers the night hours to be active and I’ve questioned myself too many times lately why the general consensus seems to be to start work or school early (my son starts school at the ungodly hour of 7:30am, halfway across the island).

I have furthermore enjoyed the ability to have my main meal during the day rather than late in the evening, something which my body seems to prefer and which will be challenging to manage from now on.

All this said, and there is more if I wanted to bore you, point towards the fun and luxury of not being employed. See, it’s an opportunity cost to weigh against getting a pay.

A while ago I wrote about this whole ‘job thing’ in a post, saying I should always be looking at the positives instead of what I will lose in the process of getting my monthly pay check. You may read said blog post here: Adding a Job to the Mix.

So I will today be listing some cool things I have managed to manifest in my new job thanks to the Law of Attraction. If you are not familiar with the concept of LoA, you can find an introduction here: What is the Law of Attraction?

Diving right in, I have managed to tick quite a few boxes with this new job and I think the most unbelievable one was that I have managed, after fifteen years of commuting very far from home, to get placed in a branch of the business that is actually in my own hometown! Looking back, I sent many unconscious desires out to the universe over the last couple of years to get me a job in the vicinity. In my limited view (compared to that of the Universe), I saw myself only able to get a job as a salesperson or cashier in this town and little thought till just now of the one time I passed by my now new office and thought how cool it would be to work there and so close to home!

With this new job I have also secured myself the promise of no more eight to fives spent entirely in an office in front of a computer screen. My new job allows me to go out, meet new people and even visit many beautiful homes of all types in the course of my day.

Another very interesting perk that comes with this job is that a year from now my conditions will be so that I can make my own work hours, granted that I make enough sales and am available when clients request.

Meanwhile, the idea of being directly rewarded for closing deals with clients makes the job much more exciting as well as rewarding than my previous ones in the Financial Sector.

So whilst enjoying my last non-working weekday and a possible nap in the afternoon, I very much look forward to this next chapter in my life.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.


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