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New Addition To My Household - Welcome Home Little Kitty

I firstly have to apologise for not having any new content last week. What happened was that for some reason, just as I finished my blog post, it disappeared due to some technical error. So here I am today now that the problem seems solved from the platform's side, trying to remember what I had written in that post, since I still would like to share that news.

As the title suggests, I got a new kitty home - a little black male with long legs and big ears - and he has been called Sam. (after Sam Claflin of course ;-) )

Little Sam was found by a cat fosterer out in the streets running around under cars, lost from his mama. In fact the fosterer told me that to finally catch the little one she played him a YouTube video with the sound of a mama cat crying and that is how he came to her.

Those of you who remember my article about adopting my other cat Atleha (you may read it here: The Mostly White Cat) know that I originally wanted to adopt a black cat the first time around. So no wonder that the second I saw Sam's pictures in an advert on Facebook I felt propelled to enquire about him!

Something about his posture in the pictures told me he was a friendly little one and sure enough, when I first went to see him he was docile and purring even though he had never seen anyone apart from his fosterer before.

For the first few days I had to leave Sam in one of the bathrooms till he got used to us and also because between being black and tiny, I would be losing him every couple of minutes otherwise! I set him up with a comfy cat bed, a litter tray and of course food and water. However within days and thankfully after my other cat Atleha stopped hissing every time she glimpsed him, he ran out of the bathroom and I have been letting him roam around the house since when I am at home.

In true sibling fashion, both the cats are ignoring their food (they have different diets) and slinking to the other cat's food any chance they get. Atleha is still not amused at sharing her home and her owner but she is slowly getting used to the idea. Meanwhile Sam can hold his own and any time she tries to slap him with her paw he is quick to flatten his ears, bristle his tail and get ready to slap back!

That's all from me for today but I leave you with some kitty pictures from when I first got Sam.



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