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My Week In Brief

It’s been a long week with a rough start and a good ending and now it’s Friday once again and time for my blog post. Seeing as this week it’s been about living more than thinking, I will be giving a recap of what I’ve been through and sharing some photos, instead of writing an article.

So I started out last Friday in a relationship and jobless. Fast forward a few days and I am newly single but having found the job of my dreams. The timing for this new job could not have been more perfect as it will require not only long hours but also training in the field and a lot of new things to learn so I am guessing I will be concentrating on my new career quite a bit and trying to catch up with my home and needs the rest of the time rather than on any new relationship. After all, a relationship is much nicer when it blossoms spontaneously so I will not be too worried about spending lots of time concentrating on myself instead and taking things as they come.

Meanwhile I have also taken up meditation seriously again this week after barely doing any for the past months. It is amazing what a difference it makes to my mood and my days and really, I couldn’t recommend it more! Here is a link to an earlier blog of mine in which I had suggested some good love-centred meditation videos: http://vintagehew.blogspot.com/2019/07/you-owe-it-to-you-to-love-yourself.html

Speaking of good moods, another self-help tip I would offer my readers is to get in touch with crystals, find and buy the one that speaks out to you and let it help you through your day, much like a talisman. So I can’t help but mention that this week my friend took me to see a new cool stone shop and even though I told him I would just tag along and browse, I left the shop with two gorgeous dainty crystal rings, one with an inset amber and another with a blue chalcedony stone. You can see the rings in the picture below.

Another thing that happened this week was that I finally submitted copies of my book - Amazonite - to the National Bibliographic Office of the Malta Libraries.

Speaking of my books, I have recently started working again on what was a work-in-progress and finally my ebook about Twin Flames has reached the editing process. I am quite psyched to share this one with the world, which shall be available directly through myself or my website and will cost a mere EUR5, which is pretty cheap considering the content I share in it took me twenty months of research and three years of experience on the journey in order to get to.

Something else I restarted this week was my healthy diet, which had fallen by the wayside during the months I was in a relationship. I should make it a point to never change my diet in preference to anyone else’s, and this shouldn’t be tough considering that one thing I have learnt in the past few weeks is that I should never again fall into any relationship unless it is with someone who is a perfect match, or as much of it as I can deduce on the outset. Which would probably mean I would be dating someone with pretty much my same healthy diet to start with.

Although I have decided to remain living where I am for the foreseeable future, I anyway kept up my latest decluttering efforts so that two new piles of items are now sitting in my spare bedroom waiting to be taken to a charity shop. Which reminds me, I also started turning my spare room into an office and crafts room, which should give me ample space to work on hand-decorating candles (there are some in pic) and to keep my freelance work organised.

After toying with the idea for a while but never getting around to it, I finally took the plunge to do this after visiting a relative’s house and seeing how lovely it is that she has ample space and storage for her craft items and a place to work without having to continually remove the works in progress to use the desk or dining table for something else. As they say, it always pays to keep company with people who inspire you!

That’s all from me for now. Whilst my post barely covers all that I’ve been up to in the past few days, I do hope it was an interesting read just like it was an interesting week for myself. The candles in the pictures as well as other unique ones are available for sale directly through myself for people living on the island (Malta). Just phone on +356 79705445 to book. Pickup is Marsaskala.


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