• Gisèle Schembri


When I ordered MIXTILES for the first time on Black Friday, both my son and I were looking forward to their delivery. The package arrived by courier within a week and my son happened to be with his dad that day. I patiently waited for him to come in the evening so that we could open them together. However he didn’t even give me a chance and quickly opened my two packages before I could stop what I was doing!

He excitedly pulled out each one and I could see how adequately packaged they were for protection. I was thrilled to see too, that the square tiles came in smart lightweight framing, uniform size and with a good quality print for the photos. They were worth every dollar, even should I have paid full price, and I was delighted to find they fulfilled their promise of attaching to the wall easily through the tape on the back, which saved me quite a few euro in CommandTM strips, which I usually buy to hang up small decorative items with.

The catch with anything decorative is that it might look superb and then prove a pain to put up. Given the MIXTILES adhesive is a very sticky and strong one, I had no problem hanging up my tiles, though I must say they are not easy to stick and remove and stick again as per the adverts, at least not when attaching them to gypsum finished walls such as we have in Malta. When I did want to move one a slight bit, some of the paint peeled off with the adhesive but luckily remains hidden after I re-stuck the MIXTILE to the wall.

The only other tricky bit was the size. Or rather, that they are actually NOT 20cm squares but measure to almost 21.5cm on each side so it is lucky that I tend to recheck everything before doing anything as it would have thrown my design off track given I wanted my MIXTILES hung in intervals around a frame of a different size.

Link to Mixtiles site: https://www.mixtiles.com/

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