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Making The Most Of Affirmations

I would describe the word ‘affirmation’ very simply as ‘A fact you confirm in wording to be true for you.’ It is a practice used widely by practitioners of the Law of Attraction but also used more widely in schools (I remember specifically a beautiful affirmation from one local church school, ’Every day better.’) and by businesses (slogans) and individual persons too.

When using affirmations in conjunction with deliberate creation through the Law of Attraction, anything we would like to become fact, becomes fact. On the other hand some people who do not believe in the magic of energy and intent, might be using affirmations anyway to help them through the day, the week, a particular period, or through life itself.

Let’s face it, even if you do not believe that all your intentions will come true, you are still better off being positive and uttering affirmations (saying things in the affirmative, as implied by the very word) than being a wet blanket and consuming yourself by negative thoughts throughout your days.

So how about we make the most of those affirmations, if they are so helpful to all?

They can be about simply any topic under the sun and can be worded in more ways than one. Which is exactly where the tricky part comes. Affirmations are useful because they make us think the words we say. So we must be very careful that our affirmations confirm positivity and not remind us of anything negative.

Lately I have been particularly annoyed at finding traffic wherever I go. Since I do practice deliberate intent, I decided to make up an easy phrase to say at the beginning of each trip I make by car. With traffic being on my mind, my first thought was to say something like ‘Traffic flows freely when I am around.’ The flaw with that statement is very prominent in the word ‘traffic’ which brings to mind traffic jams rather than flow! And so I decided to change the wording around to avoid using the word at all as otherwise it would bring to mind exactly the opposite of what I was trying to convey. And so the phrase ‘Cars flow freely wherever I pass.’ came about.

That is not the only affirmation I make when I start up my car to get anywhere. Just like Catholics tend to make the sign of the cross, I am used to telling the Universe that ‘I always arrive everywhere safely and on time.’ and that ‘I always find a parking spot exactly where I need.’

Granted there are those of you reading who do not use affirmations for the deliberate creation of your reality and instead use them as boosts to keep you in a positive mindset. Still, I am sure it helps to feel you will always arrive safely, on time and find an easy parking spot wherever you go!

As I said already, affirmations could be about simply anything at all, and so here below I will share a few that can make your day a little brighter, as well as being good motivators to use:

My workday is short and fun.

Money flows to me every day.

I am Happy and Healthy.

I have loved ones who care for me.

I am always safe.

I am always on time.

I am beautiful inside and out!

You can make up literally any phrase you desire to live by or to bring about. I find the shorter and catchier the phrase, the more likely I will remember it and the more thought I will give it. It is a little bit like with being a witch and uttering a spell, if you want to think of it in those fun terms. I will end this entry with an affirmation for us both: We are having a wonderful day!

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