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Loading Match... Wrong Timing... Match Delayed

There is a film that stands out in my memory and also sits on my DVD shelf at home. I love it and will not part with it despite that I have not watched it in a couple years now.

The name of the film is Love, Rosie and I once wrote comparing it to the book that it is based on, which was originally titled Where Rainbows End. (See comparison article here: Love, Rosie... A book turned into film)

Since it is a romantic comedy I am not spoiling the show by saying that the two best friends eventually do end up together. It is a given, is it not?

The story was originally written by Cecelia Ahern and it explored the lives of the two protagonists through letters that went back and forth not only between themselves but also their families.

In both the book and film, despite how the story was changed to fit the exigencies and limitations of the screen for the film version, it is obvious to readers and viewers that Alex and Rosie are made to be together, though Rosie never seems to see it herself.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but I would say here instead that truth is more complicated than fiction. For in addition to how a person can never see objectively that which is too close to home and heart, human beings are in truth much more complex than any fictional counterpart could ever be. Add the circumstances trick that the universe might have up its sleeve, and it really could make star-crossed lovers of real people. Timing is rarely right the first time round is it?

A few weeks ago I had a day off work and I spent it doing things I love, which included meeting one of my girl friends for a long-time-coming coffee. We got talking about new relationships and how easy it is to meet the right person but at the ‘wrong’ time. As I am demisexual, this for me complicates the already next-to-impossible feat of finding a partner even more!

However on the other hand my extreme sexuality type also helps in that when I do find ‘right’ people, I would rather wait out the days, months, even years if Love, Rosie is anything to go by, to be with a person who is a perfect match, than randomly swipe people right on an app in the hope of getting lucky.

So to the guy I met at the bar who was an actual match but had to go back home to his country, I will never forget our meeting. To the man with the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen, I will never forget looking into them with hope before reality intervened. To the one who came and went from my life over and over again, who knows if you are actually my Twin Flame and will eventually remain?

I do not ‘need’ a relationship to feel whole, something I advocate to everyone in my article Love Yourself First. But if I do have a partner, then I’m gonna have one worth waiting for, like Alex in Love, Rosie.

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