• Gisèle Schembri

Light and Dark and Ultimate Balance

Some people tell you to chin up, to be positive, to look forward not back. They insist that you should strive on, whatever is ailing you and that you are never to let any past hurts get in the way of your present, your future, your life.

In this era where spirituality has become not only more embraced but also worn as a badge, you will often find the so-called ‘Love and Light’ types who insist that spreading peace and love and not dwelling on anything bad is totally the way to go. Even the term ‘Light-worker’, which started out as a word that singles out those people who choose to make it their life’s mission to provide healing and a better world for others, is not only over-used but also likely mis-termed.

For there is no light without darkness in a world where duality exists. Truly, one can only recognise the light (the higher energetic vibrations of peace and unconditional love, well-being and abundance) once one has also tackled that which is the dark. You can never fully embrace one side of yourself without seeking out the alternate, balancing, side. Yin Yang. An absolute rule of life, and even of the soul itself.

Sometimes we might feel broken and that is ok. Because only by acknowledging our feelings can we look at why they are there. It is all fine to be happy and grateful and look forward not back, however unless we deal with our wounds they will always be there. And they will keep coming back to haunt us in all kinds of ways, with all types of people, till we deal with them.

Added to this, the very word ‘shadow-self’ is quite misleading in the etymological sense. For our ‘shadow’ side, whilst having to do with the dark as compared to the surrounding light, is not even intended to be necessarily referring to the bad within. Sometimes it simply refers to our lesser-acknowledged, allowed or accepted side. You could simply say that it is to do with all that which we do not accept in ourselves.

You might get frustrated with people who are outspoken if you tend to bite your tongue whenever you need to. You might be upset with someone’s seeming selfish way of not giving others their energy whilst you yourself are empathic to the point of letting people drain you (if you are this latter type, you would do well to read my article Safeguarding Your Energy From People). Neither you nor the other person is a better or worse person, but merely mirroring that which the other of you still needs to come to terms with.

Which brings me back to the Yin Yang. They are black and white, opposites, and yet they are equal even whilst balancing and contrasting each other. For that is where we should all strive to get in every area of our life and in every trait that we embody or still refuse to acknowledge in ourselves. The way to heal, is to balance rather than to simply embody the light.

Image by 29450 from Pixabay


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