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Law of Attraction In Action - Today's Worldwide Situation

Two weeks ago I started a mini series about the Law of Attraction and whilst I intend to continue with the series, this week I am going slightly off the originally-intended course in order to provide an example of the Law of Attraction in action. Therefore whilst this is not the second part in the series, it is nonetheless an appropriate addition to my LoA category on the site whilst as I said giving a clear view that everyone can understand, of how it works even in a collective way and a world-wide way so to speak.

The whole world is slowly coming to a standstill perpetrated by the spread of a deadly virus named Coronavirus or COVID-19. I have scrolled through countless posts about Coronavirus on both my Facebook accounts and now it is my turn to give my point of view.

Law of Attraction is real, whether you care to purposely use it to your advantage or else let your past and present and what goes on around you get enough attention to make you give out an energy that provides more of the same.

To start with the virus was small, and it was the media that went into a frenzy to spread it, through fear. Now what is feared must come to those who fear it, like attracts like whether you want to believe it or not, whether you want to try to help yourself by shutting down the irrational emotion or not.

Of course the virus is spreading! Just how many thousands or even hundreds of thousands are sending out a fear energy that was originally based only on media attention to the topic whilst number of cases was small? They have created a collective energy snowball of fear of the virus, bringing it into their communities because with a collective of same beliefs comes an energy big enough to attract it.

You can only attract that which you give attention to. I should think by now this should be obvious if you look back to the times you got emotional about something and whatever it was boomeranged to you, be it situations or relationships.

And so the more people fear something, the more it will spread. Exactly like the way in which the more people oppose anything and protest against it, it only serves to create the same unwanted situation over and over again. It is not protests that serve to 'fix' anything in fact, but positive talks that provide a solution different to the unwanted one at hand. It might be too late to reign in the power given to this virus by fear, but we can always not feed it more, not fear for our lives, and in so doing creating a tomorrow from which it is gone.

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