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I See A Humanity That - A Guest Post

Fellow Maltese creative artist Norman Cristina this week sent me a beautiful message on my Facebook Messenger. A message of more than Hope, a message of Faith, for all of humanity, he received this inspirational vision during meditation and it was agreed that posting it also on my blog would help it reach a bigger audience, an audience which we hope will prefer to work on positivity and building a better future rather than being intent on and putting energy into fighting the old. For as per the Law of Attraction, what you protest about and fight is what must come about. The Universe responds to energy and not whether we are putting the energy into the wanted or unwanted. Whatever we give enough attention to will manifest, be it positive or negative. So should the current world situation be putting you down, it is far more profitable to take our gaze away from it and concentrate on what we want the world to be and strive forward rather than feel stuck. I leave you to Norman's wise words:

I see a humanity that :-

Is constantly healing and cleansing from unserving fears and negative beliefs and instead being continually filled with love, courage, empowerment and knowledge, awareness and consciousness.

Experiences and explosion of arts all over the planet.

Sharing and caring are the order of each day.

Lives in increasing harmony with nature.

Has an explosion of small businesses unparalleled in the whole of human history, mostly promoting natural ways to go about life and using its abundance to strengthen support nourish life and nature as well as humanity.

Embraced and encourages: Love Support Understanding Team work Compassion Group work Community gatherings of dance and music Parties and celebrations of togetherness and oneness.

Has an increased knowledge of natural law and the laws of the universe, applied for maximum harmony of life.

See a bonding and connection between peoples of the world that’s never been seen to date in the whole of human history.

Sees the emergence and functioning of a totally different economic system that honors and promotes the above principles and world vision.


I encourage as many people as possible to hold on to this vision, similar or better (more positive) since what we focus on expands and we create our reality through our sustained thoughts and images - and that we are way more powerful than any external stimulus if we believe, meditate, connect with source energy / infinite intelligence / energetic levels / quantum fields between people all over the world.

NORMAN Cristina Tuesday 3-11-20 @ 09:36am During meditation

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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