• Gisèle Schembri

Hope and Faith, Want and Will

Hope is a good friend and a cruel master I used to say again and again. For around one year I toyed with the idea of whether it is better to hope or not, does it help or hinder, cause happiness else more grief in life. I once wrote an article about this dilemma, which you may read here: Hope - A Blessing or a Curse?

Nowadays I realise that the reason why Hope doesn't really work is because Hope in itself seems to indicate the possibility of something NOT happening. Else why 'Hope' for a good outcome? I found that in the long run, Faith works much better than Hope, for it is definite, it assumes a positive outcome, in its very definition. In fact the dictionary explains Faith as a Confidence and a Belief in something, whilst Hope signifies a Maybe.

This same logic applies to our use of Want and Will in our lives. We usually want so so many things to happen, both tangible and intangible. And yet Wanting alone will get us nowhere. For Want again seems to signify Hope, Desire, a Wish yet without the Belief that it will be. That is why using Will instead is so much more powerful. Why not Will things into your life rather than just Want them? The mind after all is a powerful tool, so changing our mindset is the first step to Believing, Achieving, Receiving, all the goodness we could possibly have in life.

So instead of hoping for things to turn out well, have faith that they will. Can you see the difference here in the mindset? What a more wonderfully positive thing it is to have faith that it will all work out rather than just hope it will! What an amazing opportunity it is for us to will our lives to be better, happier, more successful (by this I don't mean only monetary success or fame) rather than just want it to be! So believe in what you want to achieve and receive or rather, believe that you will achieve and receive.


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