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Hope and Faith, Article Two

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Published on January 4, 2020 at 1:04 PM

Lately, I made a faux pas. I went against something that not only do I preach, but which I remind myself of every single day through a key chain I bought purposely.

I’ve been Hoping instead of having Faith. Now this is a big one. I mean, I wrote a whole blog post about this once! (which you may find here: Hope and Faith, Want and Will)

However I had some ups and downs in life lately and they got in the way of me thinking straight. Or rather, they got me thinking from my head instead of my heart, as most people are apt to do anyway. That is why most people live a life based on their Past and the lure of Hope for the Future, rather than one where the Past does not matter and with Faith in a Present and Future of their own choosing. (I also wrote about this one not too long ago, read all about it here: Future, Past and the Now)

Hope keeps you in its reigns, wishing and wondering, therefore not letting you let go. On the other hand, Faith demands that you submit yourself without the ‘what if’ factor, in the belief that whatever you wish for will come true, come what may. Or, as one of my favourite Law of Attraction authors - Amanda Rose - puts it in her books, it will come true unless there is actually something even better for you on the way! (Read the interview here: Interview with Amanda Rose)

With this in mind, how can we ever submit to Hope rather than Faith? After all, the Law of Attraction clearly states that we must Believe to Receive. So may I (and you) remember to always 'Have faith in your dreams' as Cinderella would put it!


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