• Gisèle Schembri

Happiness and Things

This morning I went to the sub post office to pick up a parcel. It was the pre-ordered final piece to my Downton Abbey blu-ray collection. After six successful, award-winning seasons, the Downton Abbey series finished with a finale that purposely left fans waiting for more answers. Answers which they would only get years after when the much-anticipated film would get released.

I was one of the writers to share the news of the return of the Downton Abbey characters on screen, with my article Downton Abbey the Movie - It’s Officially Here! Due to an oversight, I did not manage to watch the film at the cinema so you can imagine how eagerly I have been awaiting the arrival of this parcel.

I am likely to post a review on here after watching the film but that would be a story for another day. The reason I mentioned my latest acquisition is for a totally different reason.

Some things make us happy in life. As you can see here, sometimes they are not expensive items or even difficult to find. And the items that make us happy certainly differ from one person to the next. The one thing they all have in common, though, is the emotion they cause within us upon their arrival and hopefully through all their stay in our life. No one, whether Minimalist or not, buys anything for a reason other than that they find the item, at least in that moment, beautiful or useful else for the memories it brings up.

I am not one to encourage buying items on impulse or just because they are on sale and this is in no way a post about finding happiness in things. However, if anything gives you an uplifting joy akin to what I felt on completing my collection with this ‘missing piece’, then that item is not only going to bring you joy in your life, but also help you discover more of who you are. For vibrations of happiness are always an indication of being close to your inner self and who you really are and happiness can never, under any circumstance, be a sign of anything other than self-love and by extension, love of life.


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