• Gisèle Schembri

Gratitude - The Easiest Way to Achieving Your Best Life

Up to a couple weeks ago I was getting writer's block a lot. I’ve attributed it to the fact that I have not been actively selling articles to other magazines lately, therefore writing less to a deadline, as well as maybe to not being in the right vibrational frequency to write.

Whatever the reason, that very word vibrational frequency got me thinking. I would like to consistently be in the right frequency to write, but I would also love to always be in the right vibrational frequency for other important things, namely Happiness, Love, Friendship, Home, Abundance.

Whilst imagination and mood help anyone get into a frame of mind of belief that all of these frequencies and feelings are available to them, there is one all-important exercise you can do that overrides anything that might be limiting you in getting there. The key word is Gratitude.

We are all vibrational beings. And in being grateful for what we have, we attract more to us of that same. In the same way, wallowing in self pity for what is bugging us, sends out a frequency to the universe that is just as powerful in emotion and intent, therefore also bringing more to us of that same. So always look only to what you are grateful for.

It is easy for me to write that, you might say, but not as easy to always be in a positive mood and not get upset at things that hurt us or make our lives more difficult. But once you learn to change your thought as soon as you find yourself thinking of the bad, you will find your life changing not only in the mindset but also literally.

I follow the teachings of Abraham Hicks. One of his books gives the example of a two-sided stick to any situation. So to give a practical example of how to change your frequency to attract good, picture having an old beat-up car that is still functional and can get you from A to B, despite without air-conditioning and with one faulty window switch. On the one hand (one side of the stick) you could grumble about the heat in the summer and how you’re stuck with having to keep one window closed all the time. On the other hand, you could turn the stick over to check out the other end and see how your trusty old car still gets you everywhere on time, has given you many memories and is even in a colour you truly love. Regardless of whether you manifest a new car that is more to your liking (which is on the cards if you do practice gratitude for what you have already), which is the better life to live? The one focusing on what’s wrong, or the one that will make you smile?

Below is a related endearing Mickey Mouse video that will make you smile :-)


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