• Gisèle Schembri

Gratitude Helps My Days

There was no blog post last week and unfortunately I am running out of time to publish anything meaningful this week too.

However, I am this week in dire need of some good news and thought the best way to get into that good-feeling that allows positive things and situations to come my way would be to feel grateful for what is already.

I have preached, on here and even on YouTube, about the importance of Gratitude and even of starting the day with gratitude. Given that for over a week now I had to deal with various unpleasant situations that have made it more difficult for me to be in a good vibe and easily find that gratitude, there were times I woke up in the morning and not managed to come up with ‘Ten Good Things’ as is my habit.

I had been keeping this habit for so long, I stopped giving thought to how it affects my day and there were even times when, faced with any difficult situation, I would also think that it was not making my day better at all to start it with those positive thoughts. However, in failing to keep up the habit I noticed a difference to my moods and not for the better. Which means that, tedious though it may sound to not allow myself to start the day unless I have actually thought of ‘The Good Things’ about my life or week or day, the practice is actually invaluable to how I can handle anything else that comes after those first ten minutes.

I wonder what will happen once I get a job and start waking up to an insistent alarm clock and being on a timer to get ready on days when I must go to work. How will that affect my Gratitude practice? I tend to get easily distracted and once I am out of bed it is tougher than ever to keep the concentration on just my ‘List’.

Judging from how it has affected me to put my practice aside since the start of this month, I think I have to begrudgingly admit, that despite that it doesn’t ‘seem’ to make things better, practicing daily gratitude is a must for keeping in positive thoughts and subsequently facing positive days.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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