• Gisèle Schembri

Gratitude - A Vlog Post

Gratitude must probably be one of 'the' most successful ways in which you can achieve a better happier life. But why is this exactly? Especially when gratitude is, after all, given for things and situations already in our life so how can they lead us to an even better life just by practicing it? Simple. What you think about becomes your dominant intent. So to give thanks for something you have already received, is to give out a feeling of 'having it' and believing it to be something that will be a staple in your life. That in itself ensures that the Universe will keep bringing you more of it or similar.

However this reasoning is applicable only to those who believe in energy and the Law of Attraction and I would like to point out that Gratitude can serve even those who do not believe in LoA. Given the choice between practicing gratitude else thinking of all the things and opportunities that you have missed, which makes you the happier? When you are giving thought to good things, you are invariably concentrating on what adds joy to your life. Meanwhile, harping on the bad things will only make you focus on emotions of lack, sadness, anger, and other similar negative feelings. So truly, making time for gratitude is always a way to make it a better day. Hope you enjoy this video which I made some months ago but never got share.


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