• Gisèle Schembri

Four Tatts and The Artist

I haven’t done an advertorial in a while and yet sometimes a local business does impressive work or gives me such a good value-for-money service that I can’t help but want to share my experience out of gratitude.

My tattoo artist definitely deserves a shout-out and so I am dedicating today's blog to gushing about just how amazing and professional as well as reasonably priced the guys at MOKO Tattoos are and how happy I am with all the tatts I got in their studio.

When I got my first tattoo in 2019, I booked MOKO after seeing the work that Matthew, one of the artists, did on my friend’s forearm. Her tattoo was truly a work of art and I knew I would be able to trust her artist with my first (and back then thinking the only!) tattoo.

I turned up for the appointment a nervous wreck, unsure whether I would feel pain, would I ever regret making a permanent mark on my skin, and would Matthew live up to my perfectionist expectations. I have to say, once I was there he managed to make me feel at ease and after the quick consultation and the stencil were done, I settled down to getting my first ink whilst chatting away with him. I forgot all about possible pain and my doubts. Just a couple hours later if that, I was out of his shop proudly sporting my first tattoo.

Whilst my first was a symbol and my second a very simple 11:11 in a font to represent digital numbers, this time around I went for a unique artistic piece.

Over a year ago I got the idea and had a consultation session with Matthew about it, only for Covid to rear its ugly head and intervene by having Malta’s shops close down for a while.

Months passed, I got a job that had a policy against visible tattoos, left said job, MOKO went through another covid closure and voila’, over a year later, I finally got my appointment for not one, but two new tatts that I am excited to share with the world.

My motto ‘right place right time’ is now tattooed with a precise and steady hand in a fave font, on my left forearm. Right beside it, higher up on my arm, is my other new piece: an original design made just for me to sport as a much-loved painting on my skin. Thank you Matthew, not just for the clear picture and talented artistry but also for capturing the essence of my character in the colours and style.


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