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Follow Your dream career/s

I am typing this out on my laptop whilst freezing my fingers off, sitting at an outside table of a coffee shop. I am so happy with the volume of work achieved in the last hour that I really don’t mind the numbing cold of this January day. Because let’s face it, it is always better than being cooped up in an office working my a** (and freezing fingers) off for someone else’s benefit. It makes me realise just how happy I am with the decision

I took last year to get off the hamster wheel and make it through willpower and my talents rather than remain a slave to the social conditioning and the grind of a nine-to-five.

Granted, it takes a safety net bank account to try this out and inventive solutions to survive till the work pays back to you in cash. However everyone’s interpretation of what is a ‘safe’ bank account balance and how far you are willing to go for a chance to live your best life will differ from one person to the next. My aspirations are definitely not the same as those of any of my readers and neither are their needs and wants like mine. One thing we all have in common though, is this instinct to ‘Be Happy’.

I mentioned previously how we are all born with a default vibration of Happiness, which we unfortunately tend to sway from as we become always more conditioned by first our family and friends and later even by society. Some people find it easy to get back to that happy state whilst others tend to become more pessimistic as time goes by. The good news is, that even the worst pessimist of all has an easy way back into that magical ‘Feel Good’ happy vibe, it just might take a bit more effort that is all.

When you do keep yourself in an overall positive place, it becomes easier to look for solutions to any problem, you will believe in yourself and your chosen path more, and will generally find yourself almost magically attracting all that will help you along the way. So isn’t it worth a try to flip the balance of the scales from a ‘daily grind’ to a ‘feel good’ life?

Sometimes, we know what we love, we know what our dreams are, we even have the comfy cushion of a plump bank account to fall back on, and yet still don’t make the jump. Why? Because most of us have this fear of not being good enough!

My friend and life-coach Antoinette Camilleri linked an interesting YouTube video about Impostor Syndrome on her site. Here’s a link, one that I must admit gave me just the push I needed to truly believe in myself: Impostor Syndrome Be Gone.


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