• Gisèle Schembri

Fear Or Freedom? It's A Choice

I had a post all ready to publish today but then I thought how much more urgent it is to share the message that I will be discussing below.

We are in what has been generally termed as ‘covid times’. They include insane measures such as wearing a mask to order your food at the diner then removing the mask on sitting down; needing to wear a mask outside but being exempt if you are smoking; curfew for bars as though the virus only hits after hours.

Let’s say the measures are really preventive. Though I in no way agree about that. But for the sake of the argument, let’s say that social distancing helps, that swab tests work accurately, that we should all ‘stay inside’ as much as we can.

It is really a poor life to live, isn’t it, when everything is done around the thought that you are trying to protect yourself and your loved ones, every single second of every day; where there is no freedom any longer and the government can fine you for breathing in pure air; where babies are being snatched away from their mothers the minute they are born and loved ones are being left alone in the hospitals with a weekly fifteen minute visit from a distance by family members.

All this makes me wonder. Why are people in fear at all? Even supposing that the virus is highly contagious and deadly (again, I am not in agreement about that), it is causing a fear that is unreasonable compared to the fact that every single day in the life of a human or animal is dangerous and unseen after all.

Were people so sheltered pre-covid that nothing bad ever happened to them that they should fear? Were there no car accidents, falling airplanes, family deaths and heartbreaking breakups of families or couples? Were there no things that are deemed ‘bad’ and ‘negative’ and that affect life broadly and make us have to adapt? No one ever stopped living for fear of something bad happening in life. So why are those same people who faced life with gusto before, come what may, now locked up inside and breathing into their unhygienic masks? I think I have made my point.

Image by ambermb from Pixabay


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