• Gisèle Schembri

Exes Ain't All Bad

Updated: Sep 14

Yeah I actually said that! Everyone has an ex (ok apart from those of you married to your childhood sweetheart), but just because they are an ‘ex’, it does not mean they are bad people, that they DID anything to you or that they are a**holes or will never find true love with someone else for being themselves.

Some are narcissists (Oh God definitely NEVER get back with one!), some might have been so negative they only ever brought you down and some might have cheated on you. However some are actually amazing people who just turned out not to be the right person for you to spend your life with or maybe even, it was just not the right timing.

I am not advocating weekly meetings with your ex if you do remain friends. After all, that is suicide to any potential new relationship. However neither is it the case that you must necessarily hate them. Nope, not even the narcissists actually. Thank them (silently in your head of course!) for all they taught you NOT to tolerate. Nope, don’t even hate the negative ones who complained all the time. They made you appreciate the peace that came after the split. Nope, tricky though it may be, don’t even hate the ones who cheated on you. They made you realise that next time you should trust your intuition over their lies. And of course, never hate the ones that were super amazing till the end but just not ready to be your ‘the one’ when you would have liked them to be.

Whatever the case may have been, think of all your exes as part of your history, for good or bad. After all, your life would be totally different if you only changed one little bit of your past, right?

So to all those who associate the word ‘ex’ with only negative things, think about how someone else might actually not be thinking negative thoughts when they mention ‘my ex’. For our experiences never become ‘ex’ to our life.


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