• Gisèle Schembri

Enjoy The Journey

This morning I parked my car in St Julians and it turned out to be a bit of a walk from where I parked to the Costa Coffee where I planned to do my writing. I put my gloves on, grabbed my bag and locked my car, ready to face the cold, but guess what? In the time it had taken me to drive my son to school and get to St Julians, the weather had thawed and the sun was lazily throwing some warmth about the area. I had not even noticed, preoccupied as I had been with getting to my destinations on time.

Sometimes, goal setting can result in much the same scenario. You set a deadline and what you would like to achieve by said date, plan the route and then run to the destination without looking around. The question is, why run to the finish line instead of enjoying a jog getting there?

As I got out of my car, I decided to enjoy that sun. Rather than walk head down towards Costa for my chocolate drink, I made myself see the road there for possibly the first time. I am not saying goals and deadlines are bad. To be honest, my mind works best when I need to be accountable else I will just sit around all day and achieve nothing much at all! However I have learnt that half the joy, or maybe most of it, is the journey rather than the destination. After all, have you ever noticed how once you achieve something, it doesn’t remain as alluring as it did till you got to it?

Save for those few relationships that are meant to be in my life forever more, I find that most of the time my desire for anything or anyone’s company is more enjoyable whilst I’m still in the process of manifesting it than when it is in hand. A clear, if girly, example would be that dress you tried on, expectant, hoping it would look good on you, then walking to the cashier to hand over the money and call the dress your own. The rush might extend to hanging the dress in your wardrobe, whereupon unless it is the only dress you own, it will most likely be taken out and worn only occasionally, if at all.

So what about taking the time to enjoy the exhilaration of the ride rather than always looking out only for the finish line?

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