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Energy and Emotions

Updated: May 12, 2020

After last time's introduction to the Law of Attraction, it is now time to address how and why it works.

Everything in this world, and in the Universe really, is Energy. Whatever you see around you is vibrating at its own frequency and despite that we cannot see this with our naked eye, our mind is constantly translating those energetic frequencies into the objects we do see and feel, smell and hear and taste.

Our five senses translate the frequencies into the visual, smell, taste, sound and tactile counterparts. To give you a practical example, that is why if you close your eyes and taste something, it will likely taste more like the thing you are smelling at that moment than what you are actually ingesting. It also explains why sometimes there are colours which are seen differently by yourself and by someone else, this is merely the result of how your sense of sight is interpreting that frequency. This same theory of being made up of energy rather than a solid counts also for us human beings. What we perceive to see as a human form, is in fact a translation of the energetic frequencies that we are processing.

Now that we have established that everything is energy and tried to get our heads around the fact that we are actively interpreting that energy, it is time to look into what humans more commonly refer to as ‘emotions’.

One of my favourite YouTubers, previously called Eric Ho but who is now Master Sri Akarshana, very often repeats that ‘Emotion is Energy in Motion.’

Our five senses (which are actually not all of our senses!) cannot detect emotions and yet we all feel the ‘vibes’ of a person or place. A recent buzz word is ‘being empathic’ and what this actually means is that the person is more in tune with the vibrational frequencies being emitted by any living being as well as the energy of a place and is more easily affected by them.

It should now be easy to understand why I will at this point say that thoughts have a form too, despite an ‘invisibile’ and intangible one.

Each human being is constantly thinking and each thought emits in that human an emotion. This emotion affects not only the person emitting the emotion but also those around him/her. As each other person and animal interprets that emotional frequency, they will either gravitate towards it or run away from it, depending on whether it matches their own current vibrational energy frequency.

Misery loves company, remember? And people who want to be positive will most definitely try to slide out of the way of any miserable being for fear of taking on that emotion and reproducing it themselves.

This is why people ‘gang up’, look to be with others who have the same ideas and hobbies and why we have the reactions we do at any given point to those around us. It is all about energy interpretation and whether we choose to embrace or shy away from that energy. The more people emit that same frequency, the more powerful that frequency becomes and the more it will attract ‘like-minded’ people and also situations and things because as we said, EVERYTHING and not just people, is made of energy. I had previously written two articles that give more practical examples and interpretations relating to particular situations so I will link them here below for further reading:

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Next time I will give A Brief Overview of Using The Law of Attraction Deliberately.

Picture by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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