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Energy And Creating Content

I’ve had writer’s block for a while. For the most part of quite a few months actually. I have been keeping the blog going and I have even completed and published my ebook The Journey of The Twin Flames, but all of it was done during the few time slots when I finally appear to feel better for a little while. Or maybe it was the writing making me feel better after all.

This week, I finally got to the bottom of it. Writing takes energy. You might wonder what on earth I am talking about given that ‘all I need to do’, as some would put it, is sit down and let it flow out. However there are two misconceptions with this notion.

Firstly, every thing we do, every creation we make, every movement and every thought, take up energy in their own way. This is the reason why in spiritual communities, we call our services and the money received for said service (in my case the information in my writing) ‘an exchange of energy’.

The other, maybe even more important, thing about energy is, that there is a limit to how much we have of it every day, although that amount may vary from one day to the next and moreso, from one period of our life to the next.

Writing requires energy; for inspiration and for thinking about how to get it down into words that make sense for the reader and in a particular language; for the style of the writer, which I consider a key component of good writing, to come through.

They say creative people are usually messy and that artists live cluttered lives. This might be somewhat true but as with everything else, it is only true from one perspective and not from the other. It is ok to write on a cluttered desk if your mind can still concentrate. It is not so when that same clutter is taking up attention in your head. Following the same train of thought, it is ok to have other things going on in your life and still sit down to write, but it is not possible to write whilst your energy is focused elsewhere.

For a whole year now practically to the day, my energy has been focused outside of my work and being drained by a particular aspect of my life, which had me on a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least. I poured all the energy I possibly could on what I believed to be an important factor in my life, little remembering that I am as much my writing and creativity and the care I take with my looks, the pride I have for being a perfectionist, and the person who thrives on creating beauty around her as much as the spiritual aspect I was focusing all my energies on.

It is alright to focus your energy on helping a person or creating a relationship with them, even on simply nurturing what already is. It is perfectly ok to take a situation in your stride, give it the attention you need, but continue to be yourself in the mean time. What is bad, is to focus so much on that other person or aspect that not only do we feel drained, but ultimately most probably not even get a good energy exchange given ours would have been a push/chase energy being emitted rather than a balanced one that attracts a similar positive return.

After much soul-searching, I believe I have finally stopped draining my energy on things and situations I cannot control, and am once again focused on what can make me thrive. So I hope to have always more new interesting material coming your way, not just in the form of blog posts but maybe even in vlog form once I get the inspiration I am looking for to create more video content too.

Feel free to drop me a comment with what you would like to see more of on my blog and even on YouTube and I will work towards creating the best content that I feel called to.

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