• Gisèle Schembri

EAU THERMALE AVENE - Very High UV Protection Tinted Cream - Product Alert

Sun protection is something I often skip (yeah, my bad!) Either irritatingly thick and white, stubbornly refusing to permeate into the skin properly, else liquid to the point of causing me massive eye irritation as it slowly trickles into my itchy eyes at the first sign of the scorching sun, it has caused me more grief than peace of mind.

Rather than go without, I have at times resorted to using BB cream with a UV protection and moisturising properties, whilst also enjoying the fact that its tinted hue serves as a bit of a cover-up from blemishes and makes skin look smoother. However, beautiful though it looks, it will not replace the higher-factor real deal when it comes to protecting your skin.

I approached EAU THERMALE Avène asking for any products they might have to help keep my delicate skin safe, little knowing they had a miracle sun protection cream that would hit all my desired specifications.

With a smooth consistency that is neither runny nor too dense, a tint that covers up impurities whilst avoiding that white-washed look and the all-important high sun protection factor of 50+, this fabulous product is also good for dry and sensitive skin and eyes. What's not to love about EAU THERMALE Avène's product for some fun in the sun?


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