• Gisèle Schembri

EAU THERMALE AVENE - Miracle Moisturizer - Product Alert

I suffer terribly from skin reactions and extreme dryness, caused by anything from soap to humidity to plain cold water in the winter as well as the more logical irritants such as dust.

So when one fine day I felt the front of my neck dry as sandpaper to the touch, I thought nothing of it, blaming the cheap bath soap I was using and switching to a better brand. Still, the situation got worse, with my skin turning pink and raw and harsher to the touch.

I tried thinking back to anything else I might have used on my neck but drew a blank so I decided to actually put something on it instead to try and counteract what still appeared to me as impossibly dry skin. One item from my latest sponsor EAU THERMALE Avène still sat new and unused in my room. It was a moisturiser that I was warned was too strong to use on anything but dry skin. It beckoned to me as a possible answer to my problem and I spread some of the oily cream content from the white reassuring no-nonsense tube onto my pleading skin.

I expected to use it for a week or so to see a positive result, maybe even longer than that, especially considering the extent of the issue. However, i found myself touching the same spot to feel a much softer neck after just two or three applications. I truly could not believe it.

So if you have any dry skin issues, this product with its signature dose of thermal spring water, which has soothing and softening properties, is most definitely the way to go.


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