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COVID-19 - What Is The Real Deal?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Some years ago, I started writing professionally. I had my views, I was slowly waking up to who I am, and I had my personal crusades too, such as being very pro-life. However, if there was one thing that I was not, it was a controversial author.

I shied away from conflict, unable to take it. I can’t say that I am much better nowadays at accepting criticism but I am, nonetheless, not fearsome any more of sharing my true views with the world, whatever the result of that sharing is.

Commercial writers stick to ‘safe’ topics to avoid losing readers, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) try to not step on anybody’s toes and businesses usually put their profits first and stick to not antagonizing anyone as far as it is possible.

Me? I am an indie author so I do care about my readership and yet, I am true to who I am and stopped hiding that. Even if it loses me readers, it will bring me the right ones too at the same time.

So today I am openly going to discuss my views about COVID-19.

I have irritated many and made frenemies too in the course of the last couple of months. I have learnt how to speak in front of a camera without being shy specifically to be able to give my views about the current unfounded fears (yes I said that, it is my view!).

And now I will pose some questions that will make you think.

Apparently during what are being called ‘COVID times’, we should stick to socialising only with those from our same household. So technically, for anyone living with their partner, this means the parties can both go to work, mingle with others (with or without restrictions) and return home to be together. Should the couple be relatively new and living in separate households, they are being asked to refrain from meeting. Say what? So let me get this straight: they are both working in both cases. They both retain the same job in both scenarios. They are both exclusively dating and in a relationship with each other. But one couple can ‘safely’ meet whilst the other can’t?! Bulls**t!

Masks are a must in many places aren’t they? The 'ONLY' way to be safe (though I read of someone who got COVID-19 at the workplace even with a mask on!) And yet, whilst some shops were liable to be fined should they let anyone into their premises without a mask, yet other institutions such as banks and restaurants were allowed to have people visit the building without wearing one. Am I missing something here? Am I more likely to catch the ‘deadly’ virus at the butcher’s than the bank?

We are apparently facing a ‘killer’ virus and yet, lotto booths were given the go ahead to reopen. Geez, I didn’t know people wanted to die gambling?! If this virus is so contagious, why did the lotto booths get re-opened? I don’t think they are essential to survival, or is it again that I am the odd one out in thinking so?

I could go on and on about such inconsistencies and yet, my reason for mentioning these instances is the opposite of why they have been mentioned by countless others. It is not to demand that people wear their face mask at the bank or to ask restaurants to close again (I do get that no one can eat with their mask on!). Rather, the point I am making is the opposite. If the authorities really considered this a pandemic, they would not have double standards in so many instances. Also, thinking about it, there would be no misinformation coming from the Health Authorities.

For it is very curious that one day in April the local newspapers quoted the health superintendent as saying that there had been in all 44 health care workers testing positive for the virus since the start of the ‘pandemic’ and yet, a month later when asked again due to the news that a new healthcare worker had tested positive, the registered total positive tests carried out on healthcare worker mysteriously went down to 30. Cool that in a month we moved to a parallel universe with less infected people, can we keep doing that till we get to NIL?

Yes I am being very sarcastic, but so are the irrational regulations surrounding this whole saga, aren’t they?

I am done playing safe to get sales of my book, I am done trying to be logical with people about how no anti-vaccer can infect a vaccinated person and I am done hiding the truth, if I ever was trying to avoid the itch whenever I felt like writing this whole parody down.

If you would like to know more about my views regarding the virus, here is a previous article of mine: Law of Attraction In Action - Today's Worldwide Situation.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.


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