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Contrast Is Good For You

As I believe I have mentioned before, I follow The Teachings of Abraham ©. One thing that is mentioned very often in Esther Hicks’ live appearances as well as in the books inspired by Abraham, is the word contrast. It is, however, used to describe something much more than what is usually inferred by it. Whilst the dictionary meaning of the word is ‘comparison with aim to show difference’, Abraham uses it as a keyword for anything we do not want but which acts as a guide for us in order to find a path that is always better-suited to us.

In other words, Abraham suggests that at any time when we are faced with something that we do not like, we should use it as our guide to direct ourselves to that which we do like, using it to serve as a contrast and therefore knowledge of what we should, in fact, be striving for.

The Law of Attraction dictates that you can get anything you want, provided you give your energy and attention to it. However it is often the case that we do not even know what we want! This is where contrast comes in handy.

By facing, in life, anything which we decide we do not want, we have the ability to then understand what we do in fact want. Only then can we strive to reach what will make us happy.

Let us get a very basic example that anyone can relate to. When you wake up in the morning to go to school or work, be it by public transport or your car, you can choose to start the journey without any thought to how you are getting to your destination, despite that you do know the destination. However, the second you face traffic on the roads, which will likely make you both late and irritable, you are able to decide that not only do you want to get to the end of your journey, but that you want to do so a) on time and b) in the fastest possible time. Therefore the traffic situation has created for you a contrast to its opposite, which you now know is what you prefer. Only by choosing not to prefer traffic jams, can you see that your desire is actually to arrive in a timely manner at your destination. Only at that point, therefore, can you stop creating by default and send out a request to the universe for your preferred outcome.

Some of my readers believe in the Law of Attraction whilst others do not. However contrast exists for all and whilst in the example about traffic it might be beyond your control to magic a fast route unless you do make use of LoA, there are many instances in life where you can still use contrast to strive for what you most prefer, whether through the use of the Law of Attraction or by other means.

Contrast exists in your job, unless you have already found your dream employment and look only at its positive attributes. It exists whenever you cook a meal without thinking much about what you would love to eat. It exists in your home, unless you are lucky enough to have an endless supply of money and can build the perfect house for yourself. In fact, to be very blunt, we are faced with contrast all day long, every single day. Only, this does not have to be negative at all. We can use it to hone our skills to discovering what we really want and to strive towards achieving just that. Desire is born out of contrast, determination and will-power too. So why not view it for what it truly is and use it to our greatest benefit?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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