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Cleansing Home - Books

There is self-care and then there is home-care too. Any adult who owns their own place knows that they feel much better when their home space is uncluttered or better still, serene, and that a chaotic home will usually equal an un-rested mind.

I cleanse my home as often as I can, not only by sweeping and washing the floor and maintaining a level of hygiene but also through other small things like melting natural wax melts (for some awesome ones go to My Melts!) and putting crystals on my bedside table. However I tend to often feel the need to go even further than that and not only maintain but constantly declutter also the insides of my cupboards, wardrobes and shelves.

Truth be told, I am slightly obsessive about always removing more 'stuff' from my life. In fact, I dream of the day I move into my own small one-bedroomed instead of the big rental apartment I currently reside in. If that means owning only half of my current things, then so be it!

A method that has proven to help me declutter in a thorough and also un-regrettable way (no 'throw away anything you haven't used in three months' kind of advice) is the KonMari method which, despite not being aimed directly at Minimalists, does help one achieve a more streamlined life without clutter whilst maintaining anything the heart desires to.

Now one very important part of this decluttering method is to tidy by category and in a particular order rather than by room. Recently, as I restarted the whole exercise, I found myself once again tackling my small book library. You might think that as an author I find books too precious to part with. However I have, over time, learnt that they are of no use to me once they are read (or if I changed my mind about ever reading them) and I would rather make the space whilst selling them or giving them away than having to continually move and dust books that have no more place in my current life. For even books which have given joy in the past might have outdone their welcome and now sit waiting to turn dusty and yellow unless they find a new home.

Before I started this exercise I was a little skeptical since I have decluttered my library many times over the last couple of years and thought there couldn't possibly be anything left to remove. However the more you hone your skills at deciding what should stay or go from your life, the more things you will find that are not worth the space they occupy. And so even starting out with just the small collection I am showing hereunder, I still managed to part with a few books once again. The KonMari method really does work!

Disclaimer: All books removed from my library go to a new home or else to charity shops for resale to lucky new owners and no books get harmed by this exercise.


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