• Gisèle Schembri

Be Beautiful - On The Outside Too!

Someone recently told me that being desirable and beautiful are unattainable, a fairytale, and that they are totally irrelevant to life and success too. This woman, who I can only assume is an extreme type of Feminist, seemed horrified by the very idea of the possibility that someone could be beautiful. She even showed disgust that someone intelligent and creative with potential would be ok with having fans for looking good.

I have to disagree. With totally all that she said. After all, one is confident and beautiful and cultivates their image not for anyone else but for their own joy and to present who they really are. Beauty is an outward reflection of taking care of yourself. I am very straight sexually, but I still would rather look at a woman who takes care of her figure over one who lets herself go; who makes an effort within her means to look good than who couldn’t care less about her presentation; who embodies a spark and attracts attention from people with her vibe. It is an infinitely more positive experience to deal with people who are doing their best. It is unwise to reject people in life for their looks, but it is equally unwise (and also very low vibe) to have no confidence in oneself and the ability to be amazing not just inside but also out.

I’ve been on both sides of this seeming wall. There was a time when my self-esteem had hit rock bottom, when I would rather sit on the couch and browse through gossip columns than go out for a walk and exercise, when I stopped dying my hair or believing in myself or even buying flattering clothes. The scales started showing me an ever increasing weight and I was ok with it. I commuted between a miserable job and a repetitive lonely home life, caring for my little boy and shelving most of my dreams. I accepted anything and everything in my life without question, without the push to better what felt ‘wrong’.

Then one day, I walked into my work’s office and was hit with a brick. I felt an emotion I had not felt in years. Three newcomers to the office ignited in me a love and friendship that put me on a vibrational level that had been alien to me. And once that side of me aligned itself, the jarring contrast with all the other facets of my life easily started to feel like bruises that needed seeing to. I picked up my self-esteem, went to the gym, went through my wardrobe and kept only that which made me feel good about myself; I made an appointment for a hair cut and dye job, learnt how to use lenses and even got new matching sets of underwear. It wasn’t as much about who was going to see that new me, but how my self-care affected my own perception of self and as a result, how I would interact with the world. For unless you love yourself, you cannot love the world around you either, not truly.

This happened way back in 2017, over a year before I stumbled on the Law of Attraction through yet another person who I feel changed my life with that one tip. Yet as we know (or at least as those of us who believe in it know, the Law will work whether you know about it or not, whether you put faith in it or not, because a law is always law and as they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse).

By changing the way I thought about myself, I changed my vibrational frequency. And the results in my life were immediate! For you can only attract that which you are (please note, what you ‘are’ and NOT what you ‘want'’).

So go ahead and feel pretty and put on that eyeliner if it is what makes you happy. Women are not their looks, but they sure as hell deserve to flaunt them if they want to.

Image by 99mimimi from Pixabay


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