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As The Year Ends

I look back at my 2020. On a personal level, it has been most likely the most eventful year! Good things and bad happened, like they did for everyone else (yeah truly, even if you are a firm believer of covid’s ‘pandemic’ status and have locked yourself inside the house since March, I can assure you things did still happen to you, both good and bad).

I found myself since the beginning of this year in really tough situations that put me through the wringer but also others that were so fantastical that I still have to pinch myself to confirm I am not dreaming them up.

In an interesting turn of events, I found myself fully immersed in a short-lived relationship for some months, albeit one that I instinctively knew was with a karmic. (A karmic is basically a human being who is not from your same soul group. As a result, despite how attracted you might be to them, they will invariably be too unlike you on an energetic level for the two of you to truly understand each other and be in harmony with each other). Like all else, it taught me things and helped me grow always more as I strive to reach what is called my ‘best self’.

On the writing front, my dream of publishing not just articles but an actual book came true early this year after months of planning, careful editing and with the help of an amazing illustrator (Neville Caruana) who designed the cover of what is now my most-prized Amazonite (you may order your copy here: https://www.vintage-hues.com/buy-the-book).

As if that was not enough success and excitement, the very fact of having my book out there spun me on to working on and finishing another of my projects, so that my ebook The Journey of The Twin Flames also came out this year. (More information about the ebook here: https://www.vintage-hues.com/post/11-11-the-perfect-day-for-a-book-release).

Since 2020 led me to following my dreams, I started toying also with the idea of opening up my own quirky little shop. On the advice of some more-experienced friends who also sell beautiful items and who have made it to their dream by building it little by little, I opted out of an actual shop with all its expenses and have started an online shop. The idea had originated two years ago but I was never disciplined enough to give it my all and this in addition to newbie mistakes had seen me appear to ‘fail’ in making a profit and with some stock remaining forever unsold. In my new-found resolve to ‘make things happen’, I made the necessary adjustments based on the past experience and can now boast many more sales and interesting items on The Cheshire Cat.

Another definite success was to get my own vlog, which first started around November of last year. After that first stiff video that aimed to give tips on how to feel good, and in which I am very definitely still trying to get used to being on camera, I went on to make some more confident vlogs that show my progression as I slowly relaxed into being on video and my shyness dissolved from one take to the next. You may subscribe to my channel here: Gisele Schembri on YouTube.

Which leads me to another new experience that helped me shed some of my shyness. A long-standing dream of mine had been to model for photographs and in a turn of events I found myself, though not being captured on camera, posing instead for portrait sessions during an art class. As with all the other endeavours mentioned above, I plan on continuing to build on this one too in the coming year.

So what is coming up for me in 2021? So much is on my mind to achieve in the coming months but that is a post for another day.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. May 2021 bring you peace, joy and all you desire.

Image by Flash Alexander from Pixabay


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