• Gisèle Schembri

An Unplanned Life

Life has a funny sense of humour. Some days I start out feeling I can finally relax, only to have a mountain of situations come at me that need seeing to. On the other hand, my best laid plans often go astray.

So when for the nth time I found my plans cancelled today at literally the last second, I had two options. Either I was going to spend my time sulking at the change or else make the most of it. As this writing attests, I went for the latter option.

I hadn’t yet planned my blog post for this week which again, ironically proves my point that situations often arise in ways and with timings of their own choosing rather than subject to my carefully laid out timetable.

A very long time ago now, I wrote a blog post about time and about its relativity rather than absolute measurement. Back then, I had just started learning about energy and time-space reality and our mind’s projection and so my article was what would be considered quite a newbie piece compared to now, based mostly on the idea of the perception of time and that time itself is merely a social construct.

It was an article I started thinking about in the beginning of 2019. I remember specifically discussing my idea about it with my twin flame during a plane ride. I published the article just days after returning home from that short trip. You may read it here: The Unimportance Of Time

In line with my musings in that article, I nowadays try to take changes in my day in stride, and let the day itself lead, so to speak. This allows for a more positive outlook in life for there is never a day that I end up sulking about the ‘what-ifs’ and instead embrace the thought that, as one of my tattoos say, I am always at the ‘right place right time’ for that which will lead me on to the next second, minute, hour, day and week of my life.

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