• Gisèle Schembri

An Example Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a key ingredient for anyone who wants success. You have to believe it to achieve it, so being grateful upfront for what will be is a way to get into the right vibrational frequency to attract more good to you.

In addition to that, being grateful for what actually is already in our life amplifies our feeling of ‘having it’ to give us even more of it.

Some of you might have watched my Gratitude video that I posted a while ago. Link here: https://www.vintage-hues.com/post/gratitude-a-vlog-post

Today, rather than a video explanation, I am going to share with you something that I am personally grateful for. It is my way of amplifying my own positive feelings by also writing it down (there is power in the written word and I mean this literally!) whilst at the same time sharing with you - my readers - a bit more of who I am.

This post was prompted by my love for the newest piece of furniture in my house, which is a vintage-style chest full of many mismatched small drawers of various sizes and colours, all of which have their own unique distinctive handle. As magical as the cabinet itself sounds, what is truly amazing is the things I store inside it, for I use it to house a lot of my magick supplies. It holds candles of all shapes and sizes as well as candle holders of different types, various packs of incense sticks and the majority of my collection of crystals, which on their own take up quite a few of the drawers! It also houses my natural wax melts, two singing bowls, my oracle and tarot cards and lots of pretty little bags made of organza and velvet among other materials. The remaining drawer actually holds my magic wand, which I am lately learning to use to amplify my energy and intentions.

As you can see, the paragraph above holds a positive energy in itself, as in it I talk with natural gusto and emotion about things I love. This is a clear example of an exercise in gratitude. The longer you can go thinking with such fervour about anything in your present or which you desire for your future, is serving to amplify more your positive energy for that particular thing or situation. In addition to serving as a vibration-raising exercise, this is perfect also for attracting what you want with the law of attraction.

(For more about the Law of Attraction, click on this link to the first in a series of articles that introduce the Law of Attraction to beginners: https://www.vintage-hues.com/post/what-is-the-law-of-attraction)


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