• Gisèle Schembri

Amazonite - Book Signing!

Earlier this year, my first book got published. A mix of poetry and prose poetry in a chronological order that forms a story, I called it ‘Amazonite’ to reflect the parallel between this natural crystal’s healing properties and the story’s search for the self and the balancing of energies within.

Amazonite is a book conceived out of love of poetry as well as circling around the theme of Love itself. Though the publication was months in the making, the poetry was actually written over a span of twenty years, and explores different types of romantic relationships in terms of soul connection and growth.

Due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19 reaching my country at the same time that the book came out, I was unable to do a book signing before now. Now that restrictions have been eased and my favourite coffee shop is open once again, I am inviting all my readers to buy the book from me in person during a book signing that is happening this coming Sunday, 2nd August, between 3pm and 5pm. The venue for the signing is going to be Jacob’s Brew, at 144 Triq is-Salini in Marsaskala, Malta.

Here is a link to the Event advertised on Facebook: Book Signing of Amazonite

And just in case you cannot make the signing but still want to buy the book: Amazonite Order Form


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