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Updated: May 14

I have been writing articles and blog posts non-stop for around seven years now. That is not to mean I didn’t write before then, but that is when I first became resolute to make writing a profession rather than a hobby and I have to say I succeeded within a few months of committing properly to the blog I had back then.

I have done a piece for ‘The Circle’, held a column on eve.com.mt for four and a half years and even had my interview with Sixteen Ltd featured on the Malta Business Review. I have written a great many articles about a variety of topics also on this as well as previous blogs, including advertorials for various products and even theatrical productions.

All this of course in addition to my books - Amazonite and The Journey of The Twin Flames - which I published in the year 2020. Which is precisely what I want to talk about today.

Article writing can be fun, or it can be a headache, depending on what you have been asked to write about, how far away your deadline is and how much else you have on your plate. Let’s face it, even people who thrive on deadlines can, at the end of it, get exhausted by them.

I stopped writing for magazines and doing sponsored advertorials in the first half of 2019 and yet I diligently kept up my blog, regardless of that I have no editor breathing down my neck about finishing my writing on time.

However, not only did the consistency breed contempt, so to speak, but has also stopped me pursuing more of what I feel I should be doing at this point in time. Maintaining this blog has come at the cost of projects that remain unfinished or even barely started. It takes time, concentration and energy to produce good quality material and I feel I would be failing my readers by giving any text of mine less than my all. And so, my upcoming books have unfortunately taken the back burner whilst I strove to keep up my weekly interaction on here, which is a shame considering I feel I could give so much more to my readers through lengthier and more varied pieces than what I present on here.

In the beginning of this year I announced that I would renew my premium plan for this website as well as my address vintage-hues.com and so I did. However I have to admit it will likely be for the last time, in order to give myself the space and time to better serve what I feel drawn to pursue both in terms of writing as well as other facets of my life.

I will, for the near future, still be posting any new articles I might put together and the only difference will be the fact that I will post more organically than to set intervals or days. Eventually, as the day draws near to Vintage Hues’ second birthday, I will pack up my figurative belongings and move on completely to publishing books and ebooks. I will still always be available through my Facebook page which you can follow by clicking here: Gisele Schembri Author Page

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